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Steampunk is a subgenre that is a hybrid of history, science and fashion. Steampunk is a style that is based around what the Victorians thought the future would be like. This often is confused with the Gothic aesthetic. Steampunks' style is heavly based on ...

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Damien Hirst
Damien Hirst is a British surrealist and instillation artists born in 1965. He is known for the controversy that surrounds his work and also known for being a member of the Young British Artists (YBA) that dominated the art scene in the 1990's. This group a...

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The message that I
am communicating in my project is the idea that there is a generation of people
living on this world that are born into a universe where we depend on
technology and electronic equipment to get us through everyday. The people
living in thi...

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Fashion Editorial/Commerical spread
For the next stage of promotion for my bag i have chosen to set up a editorial/commercial shoot. I wanted the focus to be on the bag itself so i decided not to use a model and instead opt for a still life shoot. I had the idea of smashing up an old keyboard...

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Final idea - Promotion
For the promotion of my bag i wanted to put the image on the front of a magazine which had politicly and culturally interested people reading it. I thought that Times magazine was the perfect magazine as it balances out controversy, culture, art and politic...

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Fashion for a cause
Fashion for a course - Many fashion designers contribute to charity's and help raise awareness for causes. Many designers create a small collection or a collection of t shirts which the profits will go directly to their chosen charity or cause. Designers su...

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Final Ideas - bags
For my porject i had to create a bag which exploited a perticular message. For my message i chose the theme of Generation Z and the birth into technological age. Here are my final 3 ideas  and the meanings behind them- Bag 1 - Technological fetus- This imag...

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Meaning behind the Message -
For this project i will be focusing on the technological age. I will explore the idea of the internet taking over the world and our traditional values and lifestyles.  Anther concept which i find interesting is the idea of 'generation Z'. I find it fascinat...
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