It's Bike to Work Week in Spokane. One of the task I took on is brewing and delivering coffee to our Spokane Valley "Energizer Stations". Yesterday, I had a mishap. Here's my report to Deborah at Roast House Coffee:


Some days, you just need a do-over. I'm not sure "Do-Over" is a great
name for a Roast House blend, but I'd pay extra for a pound if it
could set the clock back an hour and let me make a second run at my

I headed out this morning with a milk crate zip-tied to my bike
rack---a design inspired by Barb Chamberlain's "Donkey Boxx"
( I had it loaded with an airpot of
piping hot, fresh brew and supplies. Load tested with at least 5
times it's cargo weight, I was confident the contraption would
perform flawlessly. So I pedaled confidently toward the Energizer

The first 4 miles were uneventful. Then I went flying down the hill
on Evergreen, over the freeway. Lucky, me! I caught a green light on
Indiana, and leaned into a hard left turn. Midway though the turn I
hit a bump and all 5 zip ties snapped in unison. Pansies! The milk
crate and its contents went airborne, screaming! They went bouncing,
sliding, and rolling across the intersection, slammed against the curb
and began groaning and crying out for help.

Skidding to a stop I flew off the bike and rescued half of the coffee.
I nearly added tears to the coffee spill---such a waste of precious
beans. (Sure smelled great, though!) The cups were undamaged, still
in their plastic sleeve. The sugar and spoons Jenny added to the
supplies were fine in their double zipped locked weather proofing. The
creamer bottle suffered a serious case of whiplash and threw up all
over itself, but it calmed down when the dust settled and eventually
stopped sobbing.

The airpot suffered serious cosmetic damage at the least. If you
chained it to the tow-hitch on your monster trunk like an aggressive
pit bull, then drove to the 7-11 down at the corner for a pack of
smokes, forgetting that the airpot was napping under the
truck---well, that's what it looks like. It still gives forth
steaming hot brew, without complaint. But I have no way of knowing if
it's lost it's keep-it-hot stamina. It's probably perfectly suited
for serving coffee at the Double Down Hoe Down
( where, if you don't have some
gnarly scars, you're obviously lost and about to get some. But gentle
folk in evening dresses and bow ties will gasp and turn away at the
sight of it. And it's probably always going to walk with a limp.

So, how much do these puppies cost? Better order up a shiny new one,
and sell me this one for the shiny new price. Maybe I'll put it on
the mantle as a conversation starter. I'm sure I can come up with a
good story.
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