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Naomi Seys
Work hard to become your best self.
Work hard to become your best self.

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I might be back
ENG Long time
no see aye? I know it has been a few weeks but I think I am back. Well, you
have no idea how crazy my days have been since my last post! Remember I got
that job at Parfois? I quit that job because I got a new one at Made-In, my
favourite shoe ...

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Solange who?
ENG University
exams and work deliveries are knocking on my door. I have to focus. The only
problem is that I can’t, I can’t do it until I have posted on the blog. Photo
taking is impossible, ain’t got no time! But still I have something to comment
about, c...

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Guess what
I love the
way bloggers mix the high-end with the street style pieces. I love seeing Zara jeans
mixed with some sneakers and a Chanel bag. Even though I have not been (and
still am not) able to afford these high-end pieces, since I now have a job I will
be ...

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This weekend
It’s funny
how life starts and ends so quickly. You are born, you live, have children, a
job, create a life and then you get old. And after you have been old for a bit,
you cease to exist. Your life just ends, just like that. I have
never dealt well with th...

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Dressing it up
everyone! Today I’m dressing it up. I am not going anywhere– just to work in a
bit – but I had nothing to do so I tried this out. I’ve had this dress for some
time now but I feel like I never wore it, maybe because I was not confident
enough to do so,...

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Let the untanned legs out!
Quick post
today because it was a travel day and I only had time to take pictures late in
the afternoon. Anyway, here is what I wore! I love to wear shorts but I almost
never wear them. That is mainly because I am so pale and here in the Algarve you
are oh ...

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