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alone with my rose
pedal by pedal she falls
her heart turned to stone
our love has turned into thorns
and bitter hostilities

Copyright by NewLife2008
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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myopic perhaps
but not by happenstance
one day is just came
never again to leave
my heart filled with fear
I can’t change the way I feel
so I must surrender
and there it remains.

Copyright by NewLife2008
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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Just a different take on a damsel in distress story and her prince.
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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My latest offering.
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My Last Memory

I’m sure it was a memory, yet so vivid;
I could see myself lying there
playing with blades of grass 
as I laid on the warm soft ground.

Looking up I could see my mother,
she was calling me by my name;
her lips moved but there was no sound
and then she quickly faded away.

I wake up to find myself inside a room;
all alone lying in a hospital bed my
youngest recollection as a small child
and realize that I’m not dreaming.

So young, yet I was never afraid of being
alone, nor of needle injections or horse pills.
But things don’t stay the same and now 
I can’t help worrying about everything.

Especially of dying. And it hits you like
a ton of bricks when you’re at that moment,
all of your memories good and bad; all
of your relationships and your regrets.

I’m awake but blackness surrounds me;
I hear panicked voices, but I can’t see a thing.
I feel a gentle touch and soft sobbing I want
to say something but I can’t; then, it’s all over.

You hope when your gone, people cared 
enough so as to go and pay their respects
but who’s to say, you’re dead and the last 
memory is like a dream, one you never wake from.

Copyright by NewLife2008
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the last one to ever catch your eye
the last one to know the inner you
the last one to make you laugh until you cry
the last one who falls in love with you

the last one to whisper in your ear
the last one to kiss on your neck
the last one to run my fingers through your hair
the last one to touch the middle of your back

the last one to wipe away your tears
the last one to smell your soft skin
the last one to ease your fears
the last to have as your best friend

the last one I dream of at night
the last one I want to miss
the last one that I hold tight
he last one that I want to kiss

the last one whose face I see when the sun arises
the last one to fulfill all your dreams
the last to see your face light up when I bring her surprises
I want to be the last of your everything

Copyright by NewLife2008
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Eternal Vow

Today these two words
Bind us for eternity
When we say “I do”

Copyright by NewLife2008

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congratulations! best wishes!
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Quay of Wonder

Stevie the princess wondered,
would she be rescued up on high
from her Castle In The Sky?
for the prince it seemed to be a pity
being caught up Living for the City
but it was a clever barricade
by Sir Duke that kept him delayed.
This had him now in heavy traffic
and though it was Hotter than July
nothing was going to keep the prince down
knowing he was aiming for Higher Ground.
He thought; For Once In My Life
That Girl is going to be my wife.
Meanwhile the princess still waiting
beginning to worry even more thinking
to herself, “I thought I was his Cherie Amour?”
The prince was still making his way
Overjoyed he was getting ever closer;
to him she was no Part Time Lover
in fact “I Was Made To Love Her”
he said, and “her love is what drives me.”
Finally the prince is at his destination
he saw her in her castle way up high 
and said out loud “Isn’t She Lovely.”
“Now princess” he said; “don’t be
Uptight (Everything’s Alright)
this castle is none Too High for me.”
“Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing
I’ll be up their as soon as you throw
Your Ribbon In the Sky to me and I’ll
pull myself up and bring you down.”
On the ground the princess sobbed with joy;
the prince then asks the princess for her hand and
she replied “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, (I’m Yours).”
On their wedding day they exchanged vows
both without hesitation said Do I Do.
Now married for years the prince calls
from his job to let her know she’s still loved
singing “I Just Called to Say I Love You.”

Copyright by NewLife2008
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This is a different take on damsel in distress and prince to the rescue story.
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The blurred lines hard to define just an inch away
crossing over to where there is no taking back,
snow blind my vision has become and I'm lost;
this new year in just a number with the same old stuff.

Copyright by NewLife2008
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