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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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Just a different take on a damsel in distress story and her prince.
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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My latest offering.
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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Only You
Kiss me, as I long
for your touch to me it means oh so
much; for it emboldens me
to rise above knowing that I have
your love With the back of your
hand, touch my face, stroking downward
with a steady pace; as I gaze in your
eyes I don’t have to guess the lo...
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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First day at "Imitate Jesus!" convention. This was at the Liacouras Center at Temple University in Philadelphia. I'm not giving anything away since many haven't had theirs yet.
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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You’re a small sleepy
town a familiarity that
soothes; like cobbled stoned
memories you reawakened my
youth, in the windows of
your soul shines a Tuscany sunset in spring; your contours like
warm rolling hills and a smile like
sunrise’s warm morning glow. I...
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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In Between My Couch Cushions
In between the
cushions of my couch I found memories of
you here and there; A piece of lint from
your sweater and the conversations
we used to share. People watching was
what I did with you as if every movement
was in slow motion; I was captured by your
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+Kristy Swithenbank - Seven years today! Thank you Kristy.😊
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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It comes down to papier-mache, all these hurtful words
you say. These bits and pieces
that you spew did more damage than
you ever knew. All these hurtful
words you say little by little I’m
torn apart; these bits and pieces
that you spew; that you sling at m...
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Michael Garcia (L424ME)

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I went to check my email today, Yahoo wanted me to take a survey; I gladly obliged to their request so I could get things off my chest; I tell you this 360 thing is a mess! Did our technical support do the trick? Are you kidding, it would make a dead man si...
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After a thousand years; I think I'll have forever down pat.
My name is Michael, I love hot and spicy food and I love to write poetry. I love to jog, but I've gotten too fat to jog; so now I hate it. Being overweight - not the jogging. I had you there for a second, admit it. I love sports - wait, is checkers a sport? My hope is for those that read my poetry will elicit a reply and maybe some conversation. But truthfully my love is writing. Hope that my writing (poetry) will pique someone's interest to ask for mine or to write poems for them. Eh, I can wish.Thanks for reading.
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Nothing to brag about here people...move along.
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USA - Houston, Tx. - Small Town, PA.
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My wife and I went to Carlos bakery four years ago and it was a great experience. Everyone there was very nice and helpful and they took pictures with us. We had thrm make a cake for my wife's family it was really nice. They did a great job. The cannolis are really good; not too sweet, just right.
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Never had any qualms with their product, service, or work staff. Would recommend them.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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2 reviews