I was really disappointed to see this tablet ad on Google Search yesterday. I love and use Google products heavily, including Google Drive, the Google+ app on my iPhone, and of course Google Search. Google has spent years making its search comprehensive and "impartial" but this really stopped me in my tracks. Is Google going to start using all its product lines to shill for its own products and services? At what point will other advertisers give Google the "hairy eyeball" and wonder if they should be using the service?

I know, Google is a big company. It has just as much right as any other company to go "thermonuclear" when it comes to business. But to risk its cash cow flagship product like this? Wow, that's serious stuff. My daughter's first reaction to seeing the ad was, "Wow - what happened to 'don't be evil?'"

I can just hear those German newpspaper publishers saying, "See, I told you we couldn't trust Google. They say they are pushing traffic to our old-world newspaper sites but what they're really doing is just pushing their own products!"

Of course, you could just say, "You get what you pay for. Google makes this service available to you for free. You don't have to use this free service if you don't want to but, if you choose to do so, be prepared to watch Google product and service ads. If Facebook can do this so can Google!"
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