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Marty Damon
After years of dealing with other people's writing, I can at last do some of my own.
After years of dealing with other people's writing, I can at last do some of my own.

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Obstinence and Triumph
     My Uncle Sam had polio as a child and was bedridden with it
for several years. After several operations and lots of physical therapy he
eventually walked, but it was probably during those years that he became such a
proficient knitter – what could you ...

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On a Happier Note
(Taking a page from Steve at  Shadows and Light , here's a snapshot from my travels in Sarasota.   )      We went to the Sarasota outdoor arts showcase yesterday and wandered around from booth to booth admiring things we'd never considering buying, let alon...

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Jan 1948 - 2017
Four years ago, I was semi-newly retired and still sorting
through what to do now that I was no longer starting my day at 6:45 in a high school classroom. On a whim, I signed up for a writing class at a city museum. Entering the room that first day I
found ...

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Not so parallel universes
I knew that being in Florida
would feel very different from slogging through the winter in Massachusetts.
This weekend, though, I passed through so many alternate dimensions I might as
well have been in an old episode of Star Trek.           On Saturday
we ...

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Fear and (Self) Loathing
The excuse I give anyone who will listen is that I just learned how to play golf. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it – even though
in reality I took lessons at least four years ago.           I haven’t
played since September, New England in October and ...

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     In Venice this
weekend an entire street closed, tents went up, and crafters and artists set
out their wares. People strolled by with giant bags of kettle corn and others
struggled through the crowds with metal sculptures or topiaries made of shells.   ...

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Phlorida Phenomenon
Hon, we’re not in Massachusetts
anymore: -          There’s a remarkable availability
of wine and beer – now I can stop by CVS
for face cream, Neosporin, and Merlot. -          With day after day of 75 degrees,
it’s tricky remembering what month we’re in, b...

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Trial Run
     My morning was spent running errands, to include a trip to
the pet food place to replenish our dog food and treat supply. I not only found
the fancy brand we were buying before, but a second one that Mamie likes. Add the
treats, a small kong, and a toy...

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Tuesday travels
Yesterday I started my day at a core and balance class. It
held a surprising number of men, which took a little getting used to. It
changed the conversation a bit, too, as they relayed events from their previous
day’s round of golf while we all stretched an...

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Walking, Talking and Art
Some people use their blogs as daily diaries, and so I
thought I’d give that a try and cover today’s events, not that anything of any
great import occurred.            First was a
stroll around the complex with Mamie in the early-morning air, so cool that m...
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