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Jennifer Babstock
MBA graduate with an interest in communications, marketing strategy, online marketing and social media; professional musician; arts & culture advocate; and proud Newfoundlander.
MBA graduate with an interest in communications, marketing strategy, online marketing and social media; professional musician; arts & culture advocate; and proud Newfoundlander.

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Great "start out" ideas for those of us interested in using Pinterest for marketing!
A Pinterest-idea blast from Lindsey Weintraub: 40 Pinnable items to get you started on your B2B social media marketing campaign.

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Simple tips to use social media to its full potential.
Need some tips to help your Facebook engagement? Take a look at today's article featuring +Pat Flynn, +Home Depot +How To Market Your Horse Business +Salesforce Little Man Ice Cream, Tumi, +Medtronic, Inc. +Campbell's Kitchen -  Andrea

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In today's increasingly digital society, is age 4 too young for an email account?  Even if it is a" kid-friendly" version?  The line between what is age appropriate in terms of online access is certainly blurring...
The kid-friendly, iPad app, Maily, includes several of the same features of normal “adult” email hubs like Outlook or Sparrow.

Kids can send and receive messages, have access to a contact list and see notifications of new emails. Since it’s targeted toward a younger demographic (mainly ages 4 to 9), Maily has a very visual feel — bright colors, options to add stamps and stickers to messages, or use markers to draw pictures in the email. It also lets kids handwrite words instead of typing using a pencil icon. It even incorporates a camera tool so kids can take pictures and add them directly into the message.

Is this too young for email? 


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Great advice from the CEO of HootSuite...

4 building blocks to help us all better understand how to create and foster the kinds of brands we all strive for... the main point I got from this article is the importance of relationship-building - within the company and with customer...

Insightful and easy to understand! 

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"Why the Arts Matter"... coming from a self-proclaimed "non-artist", this article is worth consideration by those who think that maths and sciences are the only academic areas that of any importance for future generations.  In fact, the author goes as far to say that the lack of arts in schools can be partially blamed for the degradation of our societal moral fabric.  He uses the recent economic crisis in the United States as a prime example.

The "fifth advantage" outlines something I've experienced myself along my own musical path - the benefits of team work.  There's nothing like being able to share success with others!

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I've had a hotmail account for 15 years...  I don't see why a name change is needed to better compete with Gmail services.

I hope this move doesn't disrupt the email address I'm known by or the service I've come to appreciate!
Microsoft is dropping the Hotmail brand it has used since 1998, and adopting the name

The revamped service promises "less cluttered" inboxes and will allow users to make Skype calls. Microsoft says Hotmail has become a "chore" for users, many of whom have switched to rival Gmail.

Will tempt you back to Microsoft?

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Innismara Vocal Ensemble, a group I'm so proud to be a part of, will appear in "Till We Meet Again," a documentary about Moravian Music in Labrador, airing on CBC TV on Sunday, August 4 at 8:30 pm.
What an incredible experience: going to Labrador, flying by bush plane and landing on gravel runways in the dead of winter, participating in winter games complete with dogsled races, travelling everywhere by snowmobile, singing in the middle of an ice sheet and meeting so many wonderful people and musicians!  We most definitely had a cultural experience right in our own backyard!

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When we think social media, we don't automatically think it's a big deal... but it has become an ingrained part of our everyday lives!  So, it's time we start taking it more seriously... My favourite thought from the article: "7. When you do social business well, it looks easy. But it’s not, and no one will care how hard it was"

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In this day in age our "cyber-presence" is a reflection of our true self, both personally and professionally.  This article has some great reminders for developing and maintaining a consistent and trustworthy online reputation... my vote for most irritating are #4, #5 and #18.

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I'm so excited!  As someone who doesn't enjoy watching sports on TV, I have to admit that there is something very alluring about the Olympic Games... The Olympic spirit never fails to inspire me.
I can't wait for things to get started and for the excuse to wear my national pride on my sleeve!  Go team Canada!

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