A Story: My Dog Twila

I recently found out some very disturbing things about my dog's history. I'm sharing this story publically, becuase I'd like to call attention to dog adoptions, and pitbulls as a breed.

Four years ago, my wife and I decided to get a dog. I grew up with dogs, love them, and we agreed that owning one would bring a lot of joy into our lives (and it has). We decided on adopting a dog, rather than purchasing one from a breeder. My sister had adopted two, and it seemed the right, and rewarding path to take.

First, we decided on adopting a female pitpull. Both of my sister's dogs were pit mixes, and it just seemed to be the right size (~50 lbs) for us. Also, having played, walked, and cuddled them, it was clear that the media's portrayal of the breed was way overblown.

Adopting was a long process of several months. We went through multiple organizations, payed application fees, and even sat through a home inspection. We attended multiple adoption events to meet/try different dogs. At one event, while looking at another dog, Twila chose us.

She nuzzled her way into our laps, and soaked up our affection. Unfortunately, we were about to leave on a vacation, and had to postpone her adoption for a month. When we returned, we picked her up at a local adoption event.

Sadly, she was bleeding. That morning, or the day before, the "foster" owner claimed his dog beat her up. She had cuts on her legs, ears, and face that later became scars. None of this trauma jaded her affection toward other dogs or people though.

Over the years, we have given her a stable home, predictable routine, and the mental stimulation she needs through training. She's become a wonderful companion, and brings joy to us and others wherever she goes.

Recently, she's had some problems with her shoulder, causing her to limp. After it persisted for too long, we took her in to get x-rayed. We were horrified.

As you can see from the photo in the album, poor Twila has several bullets lodged in her. There are two in the x-ray, but we're aware of one more. This could have only happened to her when she was just a puppy, having adopted her at just under a year old. It sickens me to think of an individual who would do this.

Ironically, the bullets do not appear to be the source of her limp. That, is most likely do to a pulled (or torn) ligament from running or playing. It will be a few months for her to recover.

In the end, please look through the photos and videos. If you want, share this story. Those of you thinking of adding a pet to your life, please adopt. Consider even the "scary" breeds. Clearly, these animals have been through more than you'll ever know, and need a loving home.

Thanks for reading.
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