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Wise Women Will Save the World
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Co-Founder Graeme here. I’m refining my new keynote: Pozzy to Cozzy (Freeing our Planet from Patriarchy). If you’re up to it, I wouldn’t mind some feedback on the model and main messages. Here’s a link to a clip I made outlining the core content:

The phrase, Pozzy to Cozzy, refers to the current global transition from a patriarchal to a non-patriarchal ‘human operating system’. Pozzy is my term for a P-OS or Pyramid Operating System, which is today’s dominant and dysfunctional way of being, living and working. Cozzy stands for a C-OS or Circle Operating System, which is a new, more nurturing way of leading and functioning, one that has been struggling to emerge for some time, but which is now poised to expand exponentially.

The presentation will be spiced with humour, art, poetry and stories that are both confronting and inspiring. I’ve designed it to appeal to high-level audiences wanting to align their organisations with a more ethical and sustainable way of doing business.
Great use of humour and metaphor to explore an often misunderstood subject.
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Patriarchy – Where Would We Be Without You? See men mock men! Watch humanity’s most dysfunctional system pricked, unpicked and put out to pasture. Within a fast-paced sketch format, witness the merciless lampooning of beliefs and behaviours that are ruining our planet. Featuring Graeme Bowman, Thomas Bowman and The Invisible Woman Produced by ‘Wise Women Will Save the World’.
In our Patriarchy show, Thomas demonstrates the Sheryl Sandberg ‘Lean In’ technique.
The aim of this clip is to serve as a discussion starter; feel free to use it as such (while acknowledging its source). It builds on Graeme Bowman's work as Co-Founder of the emerging online community, ‘Wise Women Will Save the World’:

Graeme has been developing a keynote presentation and workshop called Pozzy to Cozzy (Freeing our Planet from Patriarchy). This communication project explores the most important yet difficult question in the world today: ‘How do we speed up the dismantling of patriarchy?’

The phrase, Pozzy to Cozzy, refers to the current global transition from a patriarchal to non-patriarchal ‘human operating system’:

• Pozzy refers to a P-OS or Pyramid Operating System, which is today’s dominant and dysfunctional way of being, living and working.

• Cozzy stands for a C-OS or Circle Operating System, which is a new, more nurturing way of leading and functioning, one that has been struggling to emerge for some time, but which is now poised to expand exponentially.

The Pozzy to Cozzy message is most suited to audiences at senior executive level, from organisations exploring issues around leadership, ethical business, sustainability, global trends, organisational change, social justice, diversity and gender equality. It would also hold great appeal at events focussed on the empowerment of women.
“Trying to change the world without understanding patriarchy is like trying to go to the moon without understanding gravity." Graeme Bowman, Co-Founder, Wise Women Will Save the World
Wanted. Powerful Stories Reflecting Ethical Leadership and Business.
A message from Co-Founder, Graeme Bowman:

I am currently developing a major presentation that explores the transition from a traditionally ruthless business approach to a more contemporary and ethical way of doing business. I also plan to extend this presentation into other formats, both online and offline.
(Put another way, this communications project is all about speeding up the move from a patriarchal to non-patriarchal way of living, being and working.)
Within this material I wish to include short, sharp case studies that demonstrate significant positive differences being made as a result of leaders and organisations adopting a more ethical approach.
The type of case studies I’m looking for should meet most of the following criteria:
1.     Can be expressed via a simple, engaging story that shows how your organisation is making the world a better place
2.     Concerns a product/service/initiative that is highly tangible, and which can be quickly and easily understood by a non-technical audience
3.     Has a highly visual component, and is supported by powerful images
4.     Evokes a strong emotional reaction from people, and is laced with one or more ‘Ah-hah’ moments
5.     Has definitely brought about measurable improvements
6.     Reflects a shift in consciousness and/or systemic change within your own Board, leadership team, organisation or industry
7.     Has a deep human element: whatever you have done has made a real and lasting difference to the lives of customers, employees, your local community, or folk down the supply chain. Ideally, this difference should relate to some improvement in social justice, human rights, sustainability, women’s empowerment or economic equity.
8.     Is structured this way: ‘here was the terrible problem beforehand … now look at the incredible solution’
The mix of case studies eventually chosen will also reflect a wide diversity of people, ranging across different countries, ethnic groups, industries and types/sizes of businesses, from tiny, remote micro-businesses to huge multi-national ventures.
I am not looking for case studies that simply reflect good work being done because of financial donations made by an entity. The thrust of my presentation concerns those improvements that result from deep, systemic transformation within the approach taken by Boards, leadership teams, businesses and other organisations.
This presentation will tie in with the other work I am doing as Co-Founder of ‘Wise Women Will Save the World’:  
If you have such a story that you’d like to share, please contact me by email with a brief description. If instead you wish to attach a document or link to a video clip that already outlines your story, please do so. My email is
This message will only be of interest if you believe that Earth’s greatest source of renewable energy is the untapped potential of a billion mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers.
Co-Founders Jennifer and Graeme share this belief, and are still in the early stages of establishing the initiative ‘Wise Women Will Save the World’.
So far, we have been doing this as a labour of love, but, to turn the ideas into something tangible, we need financial backing. That’s why we are reaching out through our various networks, searching for one or more individuals or organisations deeply committed to, and willing to support, this type of initiative.
Our request is simple – please glance at the prospectus, which outlines the initiative itself as well as the commercial opportunities for partners. Then, if you know of a person who you feel could take us closer to a source of funding, we’d be very appreciative if you could make them aware of the prospectus, or were able to introduce them to us.
You can view the prospectus here:
A profound TED talk by one of our American friends, Amy Logan. And yes, you guessed it, patriarchy is the root cause.
What a pity this show gets mainstream media attention, and our show lampooning patriarchy gets none.
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Healing our planet by amplifying the influence of women.
This page showcases effective techniques of influence that wise women use to spread their message, empower others and bring about change, in order to move our planet towards a state of environmental and social sustainability.

The world’s largest source of renewable energy is the untapped potential of women and girls. Everywhere we are hearing the declaration, 'Enough is Enough', as women voice their collective discontent and anger at the hand they have been dealt in a world dominated by masculine values.

Adopting a more feminine, holistic and nurturing approach to the entire planet is part of a huge trend that will mould the zeitgeist for decades to come.

We are currently seeing the emergence of a global movement that merges three key phenomena:
• The empathic nature of girls and women
• Collective human wisdom
• Digital technology

This movement will be lead by ‘wise women’, who will fully exploit this timely fit between empathy, wisdom and the digital revolution. The essence of empathy and wisdom is invisible, a product of mind and spirit. As such, it can be rapidly shared and amplified across the globe via digital means.

This community has been established by Jennifer and Graeme Bowman.