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Webdesign and Development Services : Webdesign and Low Cost Logo Design Agency | Cheap Webdesign PSD To HTML | Map Design
Webdesign and Development Services : Webdesign and Low Cost Logo Design Agency | Cheap Webdesign PSD To HTML | Map Design


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CMS freelancer team provides experienced programmers to implement your projects. CMS freelancer developed dynamic websites that communicate with your customers for you. We use PHP.
PHP is an ajar to C and Perl scripting language for creating dynamic web pages or web applications is barely imagine today. PHP is a free available software that was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 and designed by the PHP Group. It is platform independent and be available on all systems. In addition, PHP is characterized by a broad database support and has many function libraries. 
matter what functionality you want on your website, both the most common forums such as vBulletin or phpBB based on php and also all content management systems (CMS ) like WordPress or Serendipity.Also, online stores such as Magento, osCommerce or xt: Commerce, to name only a few known, need a comprehensive PHP programming. 
With PHP your site is alive: your users send by form filling information to the server, it retrieves the necessary commands the database and then sends the response and the user. In this way, users can not dial only in forums, but also have your own user area and your information always available. Another example is a webshop. Remember the user up here are also available as well as all the personal data in the information on his previous orders.
The PHP programming offers untold benefits: the user can interact with the Website as well as access to personalized user areas.
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Content independently manage …
With a content management system or justCMS you and your staff are able to independently maintain and media texts and manage your web presence. In addition, it related processes are coordinated and organized. With a web-based content management system you are at any time regardless of your location or system to be able to edit your website.
Site Concept created for you individually tailored CMS solution . This high level of spending on licenses are not required. Open source systems such as Redaxo or Contao (formerly TypoLight) are free, flexible and scalable. Easily and without any prior knowledge or programming skills you can use these CM systemsmanage your website on your own.
Together we will find the right for you and optimized to your needs editing system.
It’s finally here. After years of development (PHP / MySQL), we introduce our own content management system.
Thanks to the modular structure, our content management system, despite its complexity, very intuitive. No programming knowledge, no complex training, no time investment in long-winded instructions. Our content management system is in order and be user-friendly application designed so that you can start with the creation of your website.
Basic Content Management System (CMS) Features
Protected administration area (https)
Timed websites and page elements
Mehrsprachgigkeit (any)
Multi-project, multi-domain capable of
all projects can be edited independently
(voice, text, images, link structure, layout, etc.)
Editable pages with archive function
Intuitive operation – Edit Like Surfing (Edit view in frontend)
no Programming Skills necessary.
Multidimensional and any deep link structure
Fade function for the sub-pages and page elements
pages can complete the disabled (404), or be hidden only in the navigation (can be accessed if known).
Draft mode during editing, or live mode selectable.
Save pages as “Draft”.
Contact forms, arbitrarily and easily configurable
using autoresponders, “Thank you” – Page and antispam protection
Design Assistant
Web design change with a click
Template System
Page-specific and global positioning of content,
global or individual layout definition for each page (columns, link structure, etc.)
Full Text Search (PDF / page content)
Auto Sitemap (HTML and XML)
RSS Feed
Banner Manager can be integrated at predefined positions advertising in HTML and Flash Form
Download content as PDF “Print” – function (print media CSS)
Course / storage / backup
A timeline is integrated for all the pages in chronological order all the older versions of the sub-pages are stored.
One click and you have restored the older version.
Trash -. Deleted all pages are found in the recycle bin
by clicking on> “Restore” sets the page back to your old position.
Backup – the complete database is backed up daily and is on any time the
resettable last 15 days. Memory points can also be manually set to the database
can be reset.
Beliebieg create many folders and galleries in the library
PHP upload
images, videos or documents of any kind up to 100 MB per file upload.
Upon request, this value can be adjusted as desired.
Video / FLV Converter
Integrated FLV converter, converts your movie automatically during upload to FLV format.
Whether AVI, MPG, WMV Upload enfach in the library insert into your page and you’re done.
Attractive picture gallery (lightbox)
Select a folder from the library and embed a gallery into your page
Einzellne import images into the page or include as div background
Picture Effects and sizes are calculated by the system, no preparatory work required
Images can be enlarged proportionally, rotate and apply effects
(shadow, outline, emboss, watermarks, etc.)
Image recalculation of the original image, no loss of quality after multiple processing
Widget system
Page-specific and global positioning of the widget boxes
(content that are repeated on several pages that do not need to be rewritten again and again)
Form Generator
create any number of forms with drag & drop, easy, and can be configured separately
List Builder
create as many lists (FAQ, menu, offers, real estate, etc..),
easy configurable with list view and Detailasicht.
Customer – Log protected pages
Customer management, user rights:
customer side bottoms are fed meadow user rights, or by range categories
(eg information, design, images, PDFs, quotes, invoices, etc).
New areas / sub pages added at any time the rights are granted.
All customer pages can own link structure and custom design to get.
– each in their own library with upload, sort functions (images, documents, videos, etc. ..)
– Custom Pages Create and Edit permission in admin
– Creating more customer sites as independent projects in a few minutes.
Create, delete users, assign user rights – User Management
three basic groups of users (configurable) Admin (read, write, publish, account settings, user rights) editor (read, write, publish)intern (read, store design with predefined styles)
Address Book
Import existing customers and business contacts from other programs via the CSV file into Address Book. Sort individually or by groups of customers (possibly for Newsletter …)
Set / delete email accounts
Add new domains / languages
All pages can be saved as a “newsletter” template and sent, or one of the many templates are used.
Send newsletter by customer group or individually.
News with archive function
Page-specific and global news blocks, either static or dynamic representation.
SEO Onpage (source)
W3C compliant code – error free code
(eg same appearance in IE8, Firefox 2.0, Safari, Opera etc.)
All pages / subpages individual title, description, keywords
Keyword density measurement and adjustment to the top finishers.
Marketing Analysis
extensive statistical analysis of page views
Search results
most visited pages
Visitor information (number of visits, origin, technical equipment)
Keyword Analysis
Tabular and Graphical analysis for any period
and much more.
Upgradeable – Modular system
Development and free update time (current version 7.3)
Unique CMS license, no ongoing costs.
Our content management system is modular and multi-domain / project operational. If you host with us, you benefit from the free> updates / upgrades to the latest level
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What use is the most beautiful website and the most professional online shop, if you are not found? Right, nothing! Because just like a shop in the city center, the location determines the success or failure.
Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO(search engine optimization) and search engine advertising , including SEA called (search engine advertising) now belong to any professional website about how an attractive design and a high level of user friendliness. Because if your website is not found in the major search engines like Google or Bing, visitors and potential customers so stay out. To the found search engine to be numerous factors responsible, which can be basically divided into two areas, namely on-page and off page factors. Professional search engine optimizationtherefore always consists of two optimization areas, the on-page optimization and off page optimization . When it comes to on-page optimization factors that can be made ​​on the website itself, such as a valid source, optimized metadata or a targeted internal linking. As off page optimization factors are called who take influence from the outside, such as inbound links from other websites or social aspects of Facebook, Twitter or rating platforms.
Site Concept taken into account already in the project creation all the necessary on-page factors and thus reduced for the costs at a later search engine optimization .
We analyze relevant keywords (search terms), and your competitive situation, an individual strategy to develop for you, so you front are to be found in the search results and may be long-term success on the web.
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Your website is getting on in years? Theappearance and the technology are outdated? Then you need a new coat of paint, a new look! Much like a house or an apartment, a website should be constantly maintained and serviced. However, after a few years, it is often necessary to make a few more measures – a re-launch or redesign is needed! No industry is growing and changing so rapidly, such as the Internet. Therefore, every company should ensure to carry the spirit of the time to go. Techniques are constantly evolving, browsers gain more and more features, change your search criteria …
Also design and usability factors to be redefined. Which some time ago was still considered beautiful, is frowned upon today – or do you expect from a professional web presence tickers and flashing text, perhaps even with background music? Probably not, in the 90′s, but this was the rule. Only if your website appears professional and contemporary, you can reach your customers.
Site Concept manages and advises you on your relaunch . We analyze your technology and systems design for a possible relaunch strategy , taking into account current standards and design criteria. We attach great importance to ensuring that your existing content and data are not lost, a migration of critical data is of course for us.
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You run a small shop and your revenue is unfortunately more and more back. Your customers are increasingly comfortable and drag to the online shipping to visiting your local store before. Then it’s time that you exploring new avenues. Why do not you offer your products even in a small online store. Many retailers run their business nowadays only as a representative on site and already reflect the predominant revenue from the online shipping. Do not know how to create an online store?That’s not bad, because after all you are to concentrate on selling your products.
In Web Design London you find the expert who will realize the dream of a small online shop cheap and fast. Once you discuss your ideas with the experts at Web Design Berlin and be inspired by new ideas. You can concentrate on your business and the specialist will then briefly introduces your own store on the Web. You will see that you develop through this Online Store customer groups that go far beyond your regional influence. And who knows. Maybe you will be one days with the help of the designer in Web Design London focus on your online shop and then also save the lease for your business, if you wish. In any case, thus you gain a second income that will guarantee professional independence. Leave the further development of your success to chance and therefore not take the same contact under Web Design London.
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They stand before the creation of your own website. But URL, CSM and SEO for you “Bohemian villages”. Do not know what to do with performance, HTML and content? Proxy server is also a foreign word like CRM for you? That’s not bad! Because just as you are in your field to be able to offer your customers , the specialists are under Webdesign United Kingdom, you are able to translate these terms.
And much more to offer these professionals. Because before you begin now to to retrain IT professionals in their studies on Google, Wikipedia and Co., you can create the design of your website cheaper by a professional. This specialist will also advise you on how you will put your website useful and suitable scene. They will advise you what unfolds for you with an ideal cost using the maximum effect.
It will help you to make the management of your website using modern and user-friendly technology and manage their own without having to be trained for IT specialists. Take the specialists in Webdesign United Kingdom contact and learn the easy ways to design your own web presence know. They will advise you which layout meets the test of time and also represents the ideal presentation for your products and services. Get inspired by the pros in Webdesign United Kingdom and dominate with your appearance the local market! The web is waiting for you!
Imagine if the cost of your marketing campaign compared to the cost of web design to the test. Write your customers by mail you info on a regular basis? Then per customer each year probably about 3 euros for this shipping is required. Send a card with good wishes for birthday party or anniversary! Then again come close to 50 cents per customer to do so. They provide potential clients in your catchment area already with a direct mail? Then again you may expect added about 2 euros for the design of the flyer and the shipping per customer. Every customer also receives basically a business card and a brochure about your product range?Then please get in again add 2 euros for your prospecting of potential clients.
In addition, you are responsible annually for at least two local trade fairs or markets? Then you should add even won for each customer count up to 10 euros. And you of course switch ads in local newspapers, let trams provided with your logo and leave at local football games Print perimeter advertising. Then you should expect added another 20 euros per potential customer you refer. So you are paid for each new customer your order almost 50 euros. If you allow yourself to create your own website and thus only 100 customers pay attention to you, then this would already justify a similar investment of 5,000 euros.
Web design costs are but under the focus that your offer in United Kingdom alone for nearly 47 million customers becomes visible, the cheapest marketing campaign ever. And the advantage: the net you the customer sees whenever he needs you or your products. Hopefully, you now see the web design costs with different eyes.Create but the contrived example above statement once for your own business
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