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Valentine's Day book recommendations
John Scalzi, one of my favorite Sci-Fi authors, has an ebook sale today only on his Old Man's War Series and several other books including his
Hugo award winner Redshirts. They are each $2.99. Scalzi is a
wonderful writer and the Old Man's War Series is...

In cleaning up my office/workshop found the cobblebot package unopened. I was so disgusted with the kickstarter that I threw it in the corner. Looks like I have a winter project. I feel fortunate to have found this group!

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Tree Bien
So since I began soldering again, we have had an electronic Christmas tree that was one of my first renewed soldering projects and it was similar to this kit .  Earlier this year I saw this kickstarter and decided to go for it.  The neat thing is that it is...

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Thunderboard Sense can Sense Thunder
After a fairly long wait I received The Thunderboard Sense board from Silicon Labs.  It is pretty impressive and could even be more impressive with a few more sensors.  The board is powered either off a micro usb plug or a CR2032 battery.  It connects to a ...

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Who am I?
This is my periodic Halloween post.  First Happy Halloween!  I wish I had the TARDIS to travel to another Dalek free time period at least until November 9th (day after US presidential elections)! Boards are still coming in, I just have not had time to do mu...

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Meet the Robots: Cozmo
I have been collecting a few robots in the past year, some are kits and some are fully assembled such as cozmo from anki .  Here's a picture of my newest robot: He comes with three blocks and a charging station.  As is the case for most of this mew generati...

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I finally fired up my arduino Yun and, well, I was really YUNimpressed, err I mean unimpressed.  Admittedly I have only spent 30 min with it but I honestly do not want to spend much more time with it.  I can see why the arduino folks retired this product.  ...

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A Luminary
Actually a few luminaries.  It has been a tradition in our family to have luminaries lining our driveway and entrance during Christmas and often also for new year.  A luminary is basically a  brown lunch bag with about two inches of sand and a candle.  It u...

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We will be the Cylons.
There was a fantastic recent issue of Nature that had several great articles on Artificial Intelligence.  I highly recommend the Insight articles which review most current hot issues in AI, specifically Deep learning, Reinforcement Learning and Evolutionary...

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Bots Arrive
On Monday I received an Amazon Echo .  I am impressed.  "Alexa" is the keyword that gets the Echo's attention and it works near flawlessly.  You can barge-in, get Alexa's attention,  any time, even when the Echo is playing music.  The speech recognition wor...
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