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Heard about this on ' Daily Tech News Show' has any of you tried it?

I read somewhere that tcp connected products no longer work with Wink, is this true?

I have 4 tcp bulbs sitting in the closet that I have not gotten around to setting up that I got from home Depot on sale. Did I waste my money?

I'm looking to upgrade from my LG G2, to this phone, or a used Galaxy S5. I'm am on Straight Talk in a Verizon market. Will this phone work on Verizon, would you guys pick this over an S5? The only thing I am disapointed with on the Honor 5x is that there is no NFC, and I wanted to give Android pay some love.

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Hi everyone. I upgraded to windows 10, and now can't launch the game, anyone got a fix/work around. thanks

My wife, and Minister, brought up an interesting point today while discussing the South Carolina Church shooting. She does not see this as a failure of not having proper gun laws, the large racial issues in this country or even mental health, but a failure of our Churches.

The Church is a place to come and lay your problems to rest, this guy sat there for an hour, while bible study went on, probably conflicted. If these church members had acknowledge him and put forth a hand to welcome him in we may not be having this conversation today. #SouthCarolina

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If you all are having wink hub issues here is the reason why. It sucks, but sometimes stuff happens in this digital age we live in. I am one of those persons affected by the error. I filled out the form, hopefully this return process will not take long 
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