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Mary Pontellier
Bringing the Dominatrix Fantasy to Your Bedroom
Bringing the Dominatrix Fantasy to Your Bedroom

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Paltego at included Madame Pontellier in one of his blog posts. He says:

The Madame Pontellier site is fairly unique, in that it offers free videos and then ties them to examples of equipment used in the clips. Typically that’s not how I’d choose to shop, but it might be worth checking out if that concept appeals to you.

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Really thought full article from @ted_subby about introducing your partner to kink.

"Start with something familiar and add to it a beginning of what you would like your partner to know. “Remember that time a month ago when you bossed me around in the kitchen? I enjoyed that and I really like the idea of being bossed around by you.” If the initial response to this is not negative, “It really turns me on to think about being bossed around by you and under your thumb.” That might be enough for a first conversation unless he or she asks for more information such as a clarification or even an offer; if your partner starts ordering you around right then and there don’t be shy about accepting, although I wouldn’t go into this expecting your partner to have that initial reaction."

Really great advice!

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I woke up very groggy and I felt like I had cotton in my mouth. A few seconds later it all hit me: I was lying naked in a bed with no covers on, face up and tied spread-eagled, with a wad of some sort of cloth in my mouth and tape over my mouth.

I took a breath through my nose to try to calm down. When I tried to move my legs they were stopped by restraints and I heard a small ringing sound from a small bell which was attached to my ankle.

From Restaurant Encounter by @Ted_Subby

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About Ball Humblers:

A domme should not have to work hard during femdom play. That's why woman invented a little device called the "humbler." Holding a man's testicles pulled back behind his thighs, he's nearly totally immobilized. No muss, no fuss just a slave that's in mental bondage, knowing the pain he'll feel if he tries to move, or his domme decides to turn her attention to his exposed jewels.

Read the rest:

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Tomorrow we post our 125th free femdom video. Looking forward to the next 125+

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From "Traffic Stop" by @Ted_Subby

Scene 2: The Police Woman’s Dungeon

Next, she lowered the chain from the ceiling so that my wrists would lower and I was able to stand upright with my hands still cuffed behind my back. She told me to lie down on my stomach and I wanted to do everything I could to avoid angering her so I quickly obeyed. My butt and back felt like acid had been poured on me.

My butt and back felt like acid had been poured on me.

My ankles were then tied together with thick rope and lifted somewhat off the ground. Lying on my stomach with my bare feet somewhat in the air behind me I wondered what was going to happen because it didn’t seem like a normal torture position, not that I would know. She put a pillow under my face so that my head was not resting on the ground.

I couldn’t see what she was doing but I felt some fabric being wrapped around my big toes and the rest of my toes as a group. The fabric was then tied to my lower leg so that my feet were pulled back somewhat and immobile, though not in a particularly uncomfortable way.

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She said “The reason you are restrained is to prevent you from squirming too much as we massage your body and to prevent you from taking off this Kali’s Teeth.”

What did she mean taking this off? That wouldn’t fit on my wrist or ankle.

Oh shit. She can’t be talking about putting that on me there.

As my face began to react in horror the other young lady stuffed something in my mouth and then secured its strap around my head to gag me.

At this point I was absolutely terrified. Most of my screaming was blocked by the gag and I had little room to thrash about. I felt the hair on my head being petted and one was saying calming words but I don’t remember what they were. My body settled down and I was then whining and whimpering through the gag, looking pleadingly at the lady who was holding the spike device. I held onto a small bit of hope since she had not moved it closer to me and I begged and begged with my eyes and my mind.

She seemed to enjoy my predicament. She said “We told you that we would take care of everything, didn’t we? We are going to put this on you and it won’t hurt at first. Then we are going to massage you all over like we said we would..

I shook my head no over and over but it was in vain. The ladies would have their fun.

One lady lifted my now completely limp penis by its head while the other wrapped the device around my penis and locked it with a small padlock, removing the key

One lady lifted my now completely limp penis by its head while the other wrapped the device around my penis and locked it with a small padlock, removing the key.

-- Twin Sister by @Ted_Subby

Read The Rest:

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Interesting article from the Twin Cities. Has a nice treatment of human pony play and a stunning pic of JeanBardot!

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The best FemDom reading experience on the web, that's what I'm about to give you, so keep reading... I love reading sexy, humiliating fiction written by authors that write because they have these stories that they want to share. Crazy thing where the slave is captured and forced feminized by a very hot rogue plastic surgeon, or when the slave is drugged by his wife and turned by sheer force of her will into some loathsome, dependent shadow of his former self. Things that you'd never see come from one of the clip studios that I'm oh-so fond of.

The Only Readable Femdom Fiction on The Web, with author-in-residence @Ted_Subby:

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human pony play is perfect for femdom at home. It's a giddy thrill for a woman to ride her man around the room, and quite a workout for him. Before you introduce her to ponyplay start a regiment of back exercises and push-ups, it's a lot harder to carry her gracefully than it looks! After you're both comfortable, introduce a bit gag, some bondage rope reins and a flicker whip tip crop or riding crop.

Read all of Pony Play Femdom With Your Wife
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