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Bad Omens
Tools of survival for The Secret World
Tools of survival for The Secret World


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Are we ready for patch 1.6? Absolutely! Enjoy the newly added whip auxiliary weapon and the latest ability tooltips.

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BuffSync 0.3 is available for download. Now with customizable buff display and better scaling with the UI. Grab it at the following addon sites:

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Introducing BuffSync, the very first TSW mod from Bad Omens. BuffSync aims to assist with the timing and rotation of group buffs in groups and raids.

Happy Holidays from Bad Omens!

Bad Omens has been updated to support patch 1.5 with the new, more detailed tooltips, the Quantum auxiliary weapon and a new hybrid AR+HR build based tooltip setup.

Our favorite game just became accessible to everyone!

Ladies and gentlemen, Bad Omens has been updated to support patch 1.4, with the new starter decks, the chainsaw and updated tooltips. Enjoy!

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Bad Omens proudly presents the updated ability calculator with support for patch 1.2 Digging Deeper, with Rocket Launcher abilities and updated tooltips. The old URLs are kept compatible.
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