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Fan of anything beautiful! A dreamer.
Fan of anything beautiful! A dreamer.

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Boycott the Bahrain Grand Prix 2013
(H) Have you ever seen a country like Bahrain where 80-85% of the population protested in the streets against the brutal ruling regime of Al Khalifa, and gets ignored? What people of any other country in that high percentage ever protested for something in a single event? Yes Bahrain's population is small and barely a million, but when 800,000 people protested in a single day, it's a shame for any human, government and media to ignore the glorious Bahraini revolution! It's like half a billion people protesting in China or 250 million protesting in the USA, so why the double standards and hypocrisy? Long live the Bahraini people. Occupy Bahrain

Bahrain: The Clouds of Death

Boycott the Bahrain Grand Prix 2013

Please help us spread the word
If you don't help us, we will be killed
Please feel free to post
#البحرين   #Bahrain  

أحمد فرحان
لا أحتاج لكتابة شيء آخر بعد هذا الاسم! 

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+Free Gaza | قلب غزة صوره من المواجهات الدائره داخل المسجد الاقصى المبارك قبل قليل

بعدسة الزميل عطا جبر .

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1) The Regime is Not Committed to Reform
2) The Regime Believes It Can Get Away
With It
3) The Regime Wants to Test the
International Waters
4) The Regime Wants to Cut Off the
Opposition from the Outside World
5) The Regime Wants to Throttle the Work
of Human Rights Defenders in Bahrain
6) The Regime Wants to Intimidate
Protesters and Keep the Capital Quiet
7) The Regime is Reassuring "Hardliners"
that They are Not Being Ignored
8) The Regime is Trying to Redefine "Human
9) Gulf States are Silencing Human Rights

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The second anniversary of Bahrain’s popular
uprising was marked by renewed violence,
resulting in the death of a 16-year old boy.
In the video, filmed right after the
teenager’s death, a desperate protester
can be seen risking his life to stand up to
the police.

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Police targeting peaceful armless citizens in #Bahrain
إستهداف واضح للمواطنين السلميين العزّل, و بسلاح الشون "الرصاص الإنشطاري" المحرم دولياً, و الذي سقط بسببه العديد من الشهداء أخرهم الشهيد حسن الجزيري،،
#البحرين #Bahrain  

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This is how they killed this kid in #Bahrain
#البحرين : الشهيد حسين احمد الجزيري ، 14 عام ، من بلدة #الديه ، قتل بطلق رصاص شوزن انشطاري في يوم 14 فبراير 2013

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“This anniversary is an opportunity for the
Bahrain government to help defuse the
country’s human rights crisis,” said Human
Rights First’s Brian Dooley. “The last thing
Bahrain needs is another cycle of
intimidation, violent protest and more
On Sunday, Feb. 10, a government-
sponsored dialogue began. It involved some
opposition groups that participated amid
fears that the dialogue would be unable to
solve the country’s core human rights
problems. Dooley notes that compounding
the skepticism about the dialogue is the fact
that many of the leading peaceful opposition
figures remain in jail, sentenced to long
prison terms after being convicted in unfair
trials on politically-motivated charges.

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اصابات متعددة برصاص الشوزن الانشطاري الذي تطلقه مرتزقة النظام البحريني على المتظاهرين المطالبين بحقوقهم ،،
#البحرين   #Bahrain  


و فيك تفيضُ المحابرُ شوقاً ، و تهفُو النّفوس حنيناً إليكَ ! تطيبُ الحياةُ بذكركَ دوماً ، ويُشرح قلبٌ يصلّي عليك *

اللهمَ صل على محمد و ال محمد ♡
متبـآركَين بمولدِ سيد البشرية محمد صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم. . @>--
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