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Alastair McGowan
Unreliable gamer and Dad.
Unreliable gamer and Dad.

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+Andy Daly


Just had a phone interview this morning, offered a job starting on Monday. With Kirsty at Art School Wed-Friday this is now a nightmare scenario. 

Have to try and sort before and after school care for my 6 year old and all day care for my 2.5 year old on a wed, thu and fri. For next week... Or I can't take the job. Bloody hell in a handbasket. My brain is firing all over the place. Mental overload.

Just on the edge of madness today. Hanging on by my finger nails. Can't seem to focus on anything with any kind of clarity. Been stumbling around all day.

On the plus side I have managed to just about stay ahead of the curve in terms of adult requirements. But sanity is running low. 

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+George Takei thought he would appreciate this. Cheered me up when I had to take my daughter to A&E with breathing problems today. 

Feeling stressed and stretched to breaking point. Sigh. 

+Stuart McGowan  Should be coming home tomorrow. My phone ran out of power and I forgot to lift my charger. You fancy anything on Tuesday? I will definitely want out of the house after this weekend. Could bring over the xbox for another terrarria run through. I nearly took that temple guardian  myself on Friday night. 

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I am in. Sign up. Could be epic. 
Please plus or share with anyone you think might be interested. I'm running a game design challenge,

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Open invitation for anyone wanting to apply. Last season was great fun. Get your practice on before blood bowl 2 comes out! 
Sunday Sunday Sunday! A day made for Beer and American Football! You can still get in on the action - we have 5 slots left in our 12 team schedule. He who hesitates has to sit in the cheap seats! 

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My first Chaos Marine Squad. Ready for sale! I am so broke I have put these up for a price I am happy to sell at. Please help spread the word if you know anyone who might be interest. I can do commissions!
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