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Excellent news for best remote dba support
New appointment in higher management, in creditable news supported by various reputed news agencies and media. Latest database dba news from Dbametrix for developing offshore market and exclusive remote dba support.

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:-Implementation of Oracle Features for gaining high PERFORMANCE:-

Different buffer pools are very useful in most of situation for effective using of Buffer cache. Identify all large segments needing full table scans. Place such segments in the RECYCLE buffer pool, separate from the smaller tables, which need to be placed in the KEEP pool. This will allow the smaller table blocks to be retained in the buffer cache for a longer time. Configuring separate pools will minimize occurrences of smaller segments being phased out of the buffer cache.

While you are considering implementation of Buffer cache partitioning then you should also need to consider size of segments. If you are targeting 100 segments for KEEP pool then you need to calculate total sizes of those 100 segments first and after that you need to configure KEEP pool size either equivalent or larger size. After implementation of multiple buffer pool concepts you need to monitor growth of those 100 segments constantly.

Off course, using multiple buffer pool and default buffer cache, you will get excellent performance benefits in 24 X 7 running databases.

For columns with high selectivity, B-Tree indexes are often the best solution. Consider reversing the indexes if they are expected to be lopsided where the number of rows per leaf block varies drastically. Best example of reverse key index is invoice number or student id.

If you are using any primary key table with other table joining then you should need to test index organized table concept too. Make primary key table as index organized table (IOT) and try to test your applications and monitor performance. Compare query performance before without IOT and after made it IOT. If performance is increasing then you need to test your every application before deployment to production database.

Always monitoring database performance you would get more ideas about how to take benefits from other available Oracle features. You should need to deploy every new implementation on your test database server and test new changes with your every application before deploy it directly to production database server. Sometimes, some feature may not give any benefits or decreasing performance.

Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answer book always provides you smart way to gain all kind of new features and tricky queries with appropriate reply. Only depth knowledge doesn’t sufficient to crack technical interview but you need more guidance about tricky and real time scenario based questions and suitable explanations. My Facebook page will give you more guidance and help for same. Book you can find out from and facebook page is  

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Depth knowledge doesn't only require to clear tough technical job interview of Oracle DBA but you need some good guidance and understanding to understand tricky and real time scenario based queries asked by interviewer. Interviewer always scans candidate is suitable for his or her requirements or not. He or she asks questions as per their own environment and requirements. As a candidate you should need to understand their accurate requirement for facing interview and replying proper suitable answers.

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Reprint of 5th edition is on way. Thanks a lot to my students and readers. I got lots of emails with thanks and valuable suggestions. I am appreciating my all readers, students, and buyers.

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Most effective way to get fresher Oracle DBA job easily is to crack technical interview.

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Oracle DBA Interview Questions Answers
Rate your self in Oracle Performance tuning or Disaster recovery. This is very common query of technical interview. You need to provide accurate answer and prepare yourself for providing explanation of your reply. You can get more detail from

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Here are some important tips and tricks to get your dream job quickly. Fresher Oracle DBA can get job easily without any struggle if he or she is using these tricks and tips without fail.

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