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Matt Oldenburg
Resonating in all your favorite frequencies.
Resonating in all your favorite frequencies.

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"We had a debate in school today..."

We had a debate in school today
about the right to bear arms.
There was a lot of arguing on both sides
about the pros and cons.
I said, "The answer seems quite clear to me,
this right makes logical sense.
I mean, shouldn't they have the right to arm themselves?
Considering a hunter's intent?"
Everyone in my class then gave me a look,
just a bunch of confused stares.
Then I realized the cause of all the fuss,
I was arguing the right to arm bears.

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Two new poems posted tonight, "Mornings" and "People who use exclamation points." Check them out. Also check out any of the older poems if you haven't before...

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For those of us with jailbroken iOS devices... This would be great for my classroom. According to the developer multiple user accounts will eventually support the ability to load different apps/music/videos to different profiles. Perfect for home/class use.

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What could be better...

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Time waster...

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