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Tri, tri and tri again
Two short days ago, I participated in my third triathlon!  My event included a 750m Swim, 20k Bike
and 5k Run.  I began training weeks prior with the goal
of completing the entire race. I swam many times. I biked many miles, including
a 12 mile ride 2 weeks...

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My Fall from Grace
While I was planning what I wanted to say for this post, I
kept debating with myself about posting my current weight. Why I am embarrassed
to admit, I have gain some of my weight back. I am terrified to post my current
weight on this blog, however I am goin...

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squats, squats and more squats
Earlier this week I started a 30 day squat challenge. Today
is my 7 th day, which means 80 squats. I just have one word to
describe the first week of this squat challenge…ouch! I am really feeling the
burn! During this challenge, you do a predetermined amou...

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A long road ahead
I have decided that I want to embark on a new journey. I
have come to my decision after truly enjoying brainstorming ideas and writing
these blogs. I have decided that I want to write a book about my story
and having healthier lifestyle. Since I decided tha...

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It’s soup-er delicious!
I love, love, love everything about soup! I have found that many canned soup, although tasty and
delicious, are very high in sodium. When I do buy canned soup, I look for the
lower sodium ones, while also looking at the nutritional label. I like to share
a ...

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Night time snacking
Night time snacking is my weakness. I can do very well
during the day, but night time can be the worst. I have found that I need to stay busy and distract myself
from potential night time cravings. I started turning off the kitchen lights at night. It

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Tis the Season...
This time of the year is quite difficult to maintain an
exercise routine and continue to eat healthy, however I am still going strong. Last year was the first year where I watched what I was
eating during the holidays. I underestimated how difficult it actu...

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I really like the meaning behind the Thanksgiving holiday and setting aside the time to be with family and being thankful for our blessing, however I wish the part of the holiday where we eat until we’re stuffed wasn’t an annual tradition. After we all take...

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Fallin’ in love
I just love this time of the year for running. The weather
is just perfect for breaking a sweat. On a recent run, I found myself in the
middle of the woods, running a trail that was just covered with leaves. It was
a sunny, but chilly day. The trail was abs...

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Breaking the tradition
My birthday is quickly approaching. Only two days away. I
have told family members that I do not want a birthday cake this year. My reasoning is this- 1. My birthday is going to happen whether or not there is a
birthday cake. 2. If I had a cake, not all the...
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