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Billiam Babble, Inked Adventures, Adventures and Shopping.
Billiam Babble, Inked Adventures, Adventures and Shopping.

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Games Workshop Talisman history right here!
Original play-testing of Talisman prototype. 

Anyone else just received an email from Steve Wieck, One Bookshelf (DriveThruRPG etc) stating that a company was buying up stock art in bulk for a Tunnels & Trolls app?
It worries me when a publisher of print books and static PDFs (and yes other electronic formats) doesn't seem to think there would be any difference in licensing to pen n paper game publishers, and an indie-game app company. I was pretty sure the permissions were quite specific in the stock art categories - as a "publisher resource". I only have a few stock art pieces on drivethru, which are pennies in cost (for publishers!). This sort of thing makes me jumpy. Call me a control freak, but if I don't get a decent reply, I'll withdraw all my stock art titles from OBS, period.

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Inked Adventures Map & Dice Cards now back in stock. :) But you can't have any. They are all mine. ;)

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:) Massive dungeons!
My issue with geomorphs that are for 28mm miniatures is I don't have the room to make something this huge in scope. These small geomorphs by +Billiam Babble are perfect for huge dungeons. Great for Pocket Fantasy RPG where you don't have to use 5ft or 10ft squares. That red cube can be the party and combat can be depicted off the map with simple theater of the mind, normal minis, cubes or other. Love it.

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My first Etsy product.* :)
Pocket sized dungeon cut-ups.
Scale: 1cm = 5ft (see Etsy page for full product description)
Inked Adventures site:
You buy through the Etsy page.
#DnD #tabletop #dungeontiles #inkedadventures

*A good place for it until I finally manage to put secure payment and paypal links on my own site.
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Printable Minis. This one is nearly a year overdue :o Talk about "backlog"!

This is the ThePalePrince's first ever product, so I'm proud to be a part of this (concept and layout is by me, the figure art is his)

$2.50 Printable PDF on DTRPG (all profits go to the artist)

Edit: ThePalePrince on Instagram:

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Stop press: (My) Inked Adventures Map & Dice Playing Cards touch down at Lake Geneva Games, US - within the spiritual homeland and birthplace of D&D! World distribution to stores begins here, a handful of decks at a time!
(Photo +Mark CMG Clover)
(Order page: )

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Enjoying reading this gem, never got around to buying the physical copy.
Happy PWYW RPG Day!! ;)

Inked Adventures Map & Dice Cards Update
We are now completely sold out of our current stock of the poker-sized Inked Adventures Map & Dice Cards. :o Thank you so much to all those that bought a deck!
We'll hopefully be getting more printed and back in stock very soon, for the end of June (edit: 2017). Bridge-sized cards are still available as slow-but-rewarding print-on-demand on the DriveThru sites (but shipping can be expensive outside of US, which is why we've started printing locally, as we're in the UK).
If you are looking for the new poker-size versions, why try other stores? The following retailers may still have some in stock:

All Rolled Up

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Woah! :o Thanks for all the interest in the Map & Dice Playing Cards. I apologise for any delay in responding to questions about orders, especially international ones. You guys are fab. :) 
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