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Charlie Jane Anders
Fiction writer, blogger, satirist, editor, crazay girl
Fiction writer, blogger, satirist, editor, crazay girl


Hey I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this -- apologies if it's not. A friend of mine is interested in selling off his collection of classic Prince vinyl -- a lot of the early 12" singles, original pressings of albums, and some rarities. Not sure if it's in mint condition, but it's been well cared for. He was asking me about finding out about the best place to sell this stuff. Any ideas? He's here in San Francisco, so if there's someone local who's interested, that would be even better.

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I really do want to see somebody wear those "steampunk" costumes to a steampunk convention.

So am I going to be merging my Google+ friends with my Orkut friends now?

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