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Der caschy rockt raus, ich bin dabei!

“Der caschy rockt raus, ich bin dabei!”

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It's been on my to buy lists for a while. They kept recommending it on random shows, whenever an audible add came up. After reading the sample I finally gave in and bought Daemon. 20ish % in I still like it.

I'm really dreading the usual tech behaviour though. Often it reminds me of teachers. Having read an article, it immediately makes them masters of that topic and encourages them to spread that knowledge with the firmest conviction. Translate that into tech and you get lots of specifics without real context, making it look rather embarrassing and pointless. And when somebody presses the funny button, it's made up specs that sound really really important. Oh well, so far, so good. I've got to keep reading on and will continue tomorrow I suppose.

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And that's it. I started reading Hard Bitten yesterday and read through the other half today. Now I'm done with the series. I'd go for the next book but that's not out yet.

Anyway wow, just wow. Stay away from reviews. Even without any real spoilers, some had given away a detail that kept me wondering.

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This week I watched

Tucker and Dale vs Evil
It was so silly and hilarious. One of the better rentals :D

Gulliver's Travels
Too bad I don't remember the old version of the story anymore. At one point I thought it was completely ridiculous, reminded me of other movies, just with different settings, but then after all it was fun to watch.

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I just fniished reading Twice Bitten, pretty much in one go with short break to do something else. I'm sad there's only one more book left in that series, but I'm also glad. At this rate it's getting expensive.

I loved it just as much as the other two but I have to say the editing has become really sloppy! Typos, accidentally inserted date, very weird line breaks and lots of unneccessary dashes. I've found some typos in most Kindle books I've read but it usually was a 'oh look I found one' moment. In this one there were several. Nope I didn't mark them :P

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That was quick. Started Friday Night Bites yesterday and devoured the first 40%, then finished off the rest today. And now I'm stuck with a damn cliffhanger of all things. Damit. Now I have to order the next book as well LOL

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I was done with Anansi Boys, thought about what to read next and ended up getting a free Sookie Stackhouse sample. it wasn't bad. After all I love the TV show, but that may have just been it. It all was too damn familiar. It was late, I had to surrender to sleepy time and didn't pick the sample up again the next day. Instead I worked through my Kindle to buy list, sorted it etc. While doing that I found a vampire series, the Chicagoland Vampires. Several books in that series already, reasonably priced, good ratings - I just had to order a sample.

Later on I read through the sample, found it very entertaining and ordered Some Girls Bite. Quickly approaching 2AM I had to make myself put it away and get some sleep. Got 33% in and am loving it. Not a whole lot has actually happened but I like the mix of things. Vampires came out to the public. We have modern covens, Houses. And then we get past the typical vampire werewolf scenario and add other stuff instead. Fay, trolls, nymphs, shapeshifters, witches, sorcerers. That's plenty of ingredients for a juicy plot soup.

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And more love ... and recorded stuff.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4
Pretty much the usual. It was OK, sadly, just OK. Meanwhile the whole thing has lost its funny. Captain Jack was his usual self. I laughed a couple times but somehow it didn't excite me.

Was a bit meh. For me it wasn't one of those movies I forced myself to watch it till the end just to be able to say 'alright I've watched it and it sucked'. It didn't excite me either though.

Immortal (Ad Vitam)
I know I had seen this one before and it felt like it had been ages. It felt and looked old. Somehow I kept thinking about The Fifth Elemental. It was another OK one. Nice to have caught it on TV again after a while but I immadiately deleted it from my IPTV box after watching it.
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