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Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology
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The Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas

Our mission is simple yet multifaceted: we seek to understand, evaluate, and support the improvement of the ethical and cultural influences on and implications of science and technology. Our values and our culture are and ought to be factors in scientific inquiry and technological advancement, and the progress of science and technology have undeniable and often unavoidable consequences for the way we live our lives, the structure of our society, and our most deeply held values.  Science and technology are indelibly human pursuits, subject both to the wonders of human innovation and the difficulties of human folly. In seeking to understand and evaluate these complex confluences and interactions, we hope to make some contribution to rendering these consequences less haphazard and more humane.

The cornerstone of the Center for Values’ outreach is a public lecture series that brings in leading scholars to investigate topics at the intersection of technology and the humanities. In a cross-disciplinary approach to fostering public intellectualism, an international group of authors, artists, scientists, philosophers, theorists, and engineers engage a diverse audience in thinking about issues such as “Creativity in the Age of Technology” (2009 series) and “Exploring Human Enhancement” (2010 series). For 2011, we have adopted the topic of “Funded and Forbidden Knowledge: Science, Politics and Cultural Values.” The speakers further play a role in our academic community by meeting with interested undergraduate and graduate students and with members of courses that are designed in conjunction with the series.