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I know you are busy with the 9mm and .22 tests but I'd love to see you do an Ammo Quest for the best performing .45ACP in a short barrel carry gun (like the XDs 3.3" or similar). Not quite a pocket gun but close, and I know a lot of people would enjoy seeing those results.

Great videos, keep it up!

David Ragle

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Well said.
Matthew Smith originally shared:
For those of you who just defected to Google+, Welcome. I know all of your friends are still on Facebook, it's ok. They'll get here eventually. In the mean time here's how I made my G+ interesting even without having all my friends here.
First of all, remember that you don't have to be "friends" with some one to communicate on G+. With everything you post, you have the option to share it with Everyone (Public) or with your circles, or even just individuals. So does everybody else.
This is important because while your friends aren't all on here I bet some, if not most, of your favorite internet personalities are. Find them, add them to a circle, and join in their public conversations. If that didn't want to hear from you, they wouldn't be making their posts public.
So find your favorite youtuber, blogger, journalist, writer, actor, or even athletes and enjoy the wonderful world of public social media. But always keep your eyes out for your friends, they will be coming eventually.
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Me too.
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