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Places to eat in Canggu
Last month we spent ten days in Canggu with our families. While there, I was pleasantly surprised by both the variety and quality of dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all for about a third of the price that it would cost in Melbourne. Cang...

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Mother's Day Weekend
Last weekend was Mother’s Day here in Australia. My second one as a mom, but more importantly the first one I’ve spent with my own mom since 2005! The weekend kicked off on Friday after school with a Mother’s Day Tea at Ella’s daycare. The weather was beaut...

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Bali with Toddler - Tips!
We recently spent ten days in Bali with both of our families, and of course Ella, who is nearly two years old. Prior to our trip I scoured the internet for advice on travelling in Bali with a toddler. Now that we've been, here is my advice on flights and wh...

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Bali with Toddler
We spent this Easter term break in Bali on a family holiday. And when I say family, I mean like pretty much our whole family. My
parents, Andy’s parents, my brother and his girlfriend all joined us for 10
days on the island. Pre-holiday research led me to c...

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Easter Sunday in the Dandenongs
We are back from our amazing family holiday in Bali. My mom has
travelled back to Melbourne with us, and is staying for the next nine weeks,
but sadly all of Ella’s other grandparents have gone back to England and
Canada. I’m working on a couple of blog pos...

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Puffing Billy
Last weekend, our first of the school holidays, was a very buys one with Dave and Bunny.On Saturday morning we woke up to much cooler weather - the fresh autumnal mornings are upon us! We got going early and headed to the Dandenong Ranges to take a ride on ...

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Collingwood Children's Farm
Last week on my day off Dave, Bunny, Ella and I spent the morning at the Collingwood Children's Farm in Abbotsford. We used to live about a five minute walk from here, and frequently took walks along the Yarra Trail which runs past the farm. You can see som...

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Currently... March
It's the last day of term. Ella is in bed, we've ordered a take-away pizza, and I have a glass of rosé beside me. Rosé drinking weather is nearly over here in Melbourne, soon it will be time to break out the reds again!  Reading: I just finished reading The...

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Ella's week with Gan-ma (and Gan-ma)
Andy's parents are here! Dave and Bunny arrived Tuesday morning via Emirates business class... ( SO jealous). Their timing was pretty good, as Ella was sick all last week with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, and fully recovered just prior to their arrival. Wh...

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Labour Day weekend in Rye
Last weekend was Labour Day weekend here in Victoria, which meant we had the Monday off work. We had been trying to play a little trip away with our friends Charlotte, Adam, Chris and Ness (and their baby Noah) for ages. However two babies and everyone bein...
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