To round out National Library Week we're having Fun Facts Friday. One or more of our librarians:

-Ran off to Vegas and eloped

-Was New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees's 12th grade English teacher

-Can be seen singing karaoke at the Karaoke Kid in Downtown Madison occasionally

-Was bit by a monkey in Costa Rica [curiously this librarian also has an aversion to bananas]

-Went to school with the daughter of Imelda Marcos

-Hitch-hiked home on 9-11 after being stranded in Washington D.C. [note: was in the White House when the planes struck, too]

-Leapt bench to bench in the gazebo where the Sound of Music was filmed, just like Liesl's character, when visiting Salzburg

-Is a direct descendant of Ojibwa Chief Buffalo

-Was born in India

-Routinely visited La Scala in Milan, Italy as a child to watch the opera

-was a cheerleader for 6 years and captain of the squad 1 year

-Had a summer job taking care of 8 wasp nests. Had to feed the wasps and draw blood from them for a university study

-Have body piercings

We'll post a second installment of Fun Facts this afternoon.
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