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I love parodies (song and movie). theyre so funny the way they portay the media. in yo face hollywood!!

If you could be any type of shoe, what would you pick? I'd be a sneaker heel (chic yet casual)!

Just went to the circus- and slept through part of it. But i did see a guy shoot out of a cannon while he was on fire. Hmm....i wonder if i could do that.

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When I was in Annie, the two casts were the suns and the moons. So this is just a reminder of my wonderful cast members.

I am very tired. There is a very annoying person narrating their video game next to me. Frowny face, frowny face.

I am so sad! My show, The King and I, closed on Sunday!

Chocolate is the best! I had a King Size chocolate bar yesterday, and I had to stop in the middle because it was too much for me to eat! But I LOVED it anyway!!!

I love the Hunger Games! My friend saw it over the weekend, and she was gushing about how cute Peeta is. I can't wait to see it for myself!!
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