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Leslie Foster
An urban nomad, storyteller, novice sartorialist, and foodie.
An urban nomad, storyteller, novice sartorialist, and foodie.

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I got a chance to be on the CBS Evening News tonight and share my   #ACA   #coveredcalifornia  experience.

Today is always a day filled with complicated emotions for me. How does one deal with the celebration of a nation whose very founding was built on the backs of my ancestors and the genocide of a thousand nations? And yet this nation, with all its flaws showing, stood up to power in a way that still inspires me, created two founding documents full of hope and promise (and some hypocrisy) and inspired the world by showing what a modern republic could look like.

Like all other nations, this is still a flawed place; with systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, hetero- and cisnormative behaviors (and so much more); a place with an uncomfortable amount of willful ignorance. And yet this nation, with all its flaws still showing, is a nation that in its own halting way has welcomed immigrants from around the world, is the first western nation to elect a minority person of color to its highest seat of government, has giddily pursued exploration and education, and still inspires many.

So today, I remember that while many of my ancestors had no choice in being here, I do - and I deeply love this nation, with all of its scars and even horrors, but also with its hope and its great promise. I love this crazy experiment of a place.

Today, I try to remember that like Frederick Douglass said, we are all fellow sufferers. He talked about the fact that there was not just the black slave, but the white slave - that the institution of slavery deeply damaged all. It was not one group of people against another group, but a single group of people who all suffered. The elimination of injustice strengthens all.

Today, I try to remember that there is no 99% and no 1%, there is the 100%. We are all hurt by the actions of our siblings, who themselves are hurt in ways they cannot see. Let us be unwavering in the fight against injustice, not only to elevate those who are persecuted, but those who persecute. Let those of us who claim the United States of America fulfill this nation’s promise with grace and mercy.

Happy July 4th.

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So from time to time, I've posted updates here about the film I'm directing, "Until We Have Faces," a documentary about the civil rights struggle of LGBTQ Jamaicans. Jamaica is considered one of the most homophobic nations in the western hemisphere and has bursts of anti-LGBT violence that rival the ugliness witnessed in Uganda.Here's our new poster, which I'm really exited to share with you guys. If you want to find out more about the project, or donate, you can check out our teasers, synopsis, press coverage, and donation info here:

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A lesson in 2 minutes 30 seconds: not sure the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating? THIS is the type of commercial space a designer creates interior beauty, functionality and safety for:

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Over at Traveling Muse, we just launched our second teaser for "Until We Have Faces" our documentary about homophobia in Jamaica - check it out here: and help us spread the word as we work to reach our fundraising goal in the coming month!

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Over at Traveling Muse Pictures (, we've just launched the first teaser for our film "Until We Have Faces," a film about homosexuality and homophobia in Jamaica, in conjunction with our second phase of fundraising - check it out and please, spread the word!

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Over at Traveling Muse Pictures, we've started to get some exciting publicity about our documentary about homophobia in Jamaica, "Until We Have Faces." Check out parts 1 and 2 of an interview with me conducted by KPFK's Ben Caron in which we discuss the film.

Part 1: (interview starts around 27:00)

Part 2: (the interview starts at 16:20)

Great few days of filming for "Until We Have Faces" in Toronto. We finished up by interview Jay, a Jamaican transman just a few days away from surgery.

He's absolutely amazing, someone who has lived through so many death threats and actual attempts on his life and come out with a rare wisdom.

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