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Some people are wondering what data sharing exactly is.
Here an example listing

Listing is based on cpu performance and battery life.
Currently the website doesn't show much information, I will add more in the future. But basically it will look like this.

For all people on the latest beta with crashes, please comment down below what device, android version you have and describe what happens.

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Going to be in the next release.
For people who don't like the banner.

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Could be the end of Kernel Adiutor being on play store.

Pushed new beta.
Version beta

check out accent color in settings

if you need other colors let me know

anyone with a nexus 5 here?

Changelog for 0.9.29:

- Added back android tv support
- BuildpropEditor: Changed FAB positon
- BuildpropEditor: Added value search
- BuildpropEditor: Added backup
- Recovery: Added back reboot options
- LED: Added some sec options (Pafcholini)
- VM: Added Zswap (Pafcholini)
- Wake: Added vibration strength (Pafcholini)
- Wake: Added width and height pixel adjust (Pafcholini)
- CPU Hotplug: Add min cores for corectl
- Settings: No longer an activity
- IO: Add RQ affinity (yoinx)
- Settings: Added force card mode
- Fix big being offline on 8992
- Profiles: Added edit mode
- CPU: Rewrote cpu on boot (freqs should stick better now)
- Fix app loading forever with slow internet connections

I strongly recommend all users with qcom devices to wipe the data of the app after updating and do a reboot after that! It's not necessary, but if you had problems with freqs and governor not sticking with apply on boot, you should do it.

Pushed new beta. beta

bug fixes mostly
rewrote cpu on boot code for big.LITTLE devices.

Pushed new beta. beta

Only bug fixes

Pushed new beta. beta

mostly bug fixes
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