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HOT NEW RELEASE!!! **HEDONISM JITTERS** 99 cents for limited time, so get it now!

Lori is a curvy gal who has agreed to go to Hedonism Resorts with her hot and handsome husband, Keith! Butterflies swoop in her tummy at the thought of all the skinny model-types on the beach, while she' use Keith's word, cuddly.
In a lush and luxuriant setting, Keith and Lori experience intense desire, confront surprising emotions, and find that the fiercest battles are the ones within. Neither of them will ever be the same again. 

This stand alone tale of scrumptious sensuality is intended for adults only.

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My latest Swinging book - OVERBOARD- is on Amazon now for a special release price of 99 cents for a limited time!!

Here's what readers have said about the book!

" I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Overboard!!! I read the story feeling and identifying with Glen and Abby. This could be a movie! You certainly KNOCKED this story out of the park!!!" Steven

"Overboard will make you laugh, cry and blush. You will smile while you read it and when your done you will want to read it again. I love this story and will keep it as a favourite. It resonated as the type of story that is true to life and I could relate." Laura

"I read Overboard and it was amazing!! I agree it wasn't long enough, so will there be more?" Michelle

"It pulled me in from the start and I couldn't stop reading it until I finished it, it was driving me crazy not to finish it until I knew what happened, and for me that makes for a good book" Sonya

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Titillating Tuesday!!! Sale price for Unicorn Boxed set of 4 books in 99 cents!!!
One day only in the countdown deal! Tomorrow it will be $2.99 and back to original price of $4.99 on Thursday!
Join Erica for a sizzling hot adventure of a Unicorn into the Swinger's Lifestyle!!

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RISK, a romantic, BDSM novel, released today on Amazon!  For a limited time, only 99 cents!!!

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In the top 100 Women's Fiction on Amazon!! (doing cartwheels, which is hard while typing!) It's FREE for USA customers, a sexy tale about a couple venturing into the Swinger Lifestyle!!!

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A terrific short story! I wish I wrote it! Give it a read, and Great Job Mareyn!
This story has been submitted to the Write an Erotic story competition  if you like it and think it should win Comment below and share It was a slow burn. A simmering arousal all week, talking to this guy, this stranger who not only seems to be a sensual…

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YIPPEE!!! Maybe it's b/c it's St. Patrick's Day and the Jaimeson I've had a nip of...I'm planning a Release party for my newest book, Yield to You Box Set. There'll be tons of prizes! Details coming soon!!!

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Pricing help! I have listed the first book in each of my series (Swinger's Club & Unicorn) for FREE on Smashwords.

I have told Amazon this but they won't reduce the price to FREE on their site. Maybe they'll listen to you, if you've got the time to visit and let them know.
Amazon links

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Happy Friday!  Now Available!!! Yield to You Book 3!!!!

Here's an excerpt:

“Fear of the unknown is the worst sort of fear, Diana. The monster in the closet is always the scariest.” He folded his hands together in front of him. “And Danny frightens you. If this goes any further, and doesn’t work… that’s pretty scary…”
“Morty, I’m so scared!” a tear, just one, popped out of her eye and rolled down her cheek.
“No sweat, Diana. Not a problem. I’ll tell you something about my patient. Just this one thing, though.”
“What about him?”
“He’s brave enough for both of you.”

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Super Duper Hump Day Deal!!!!  Only 99 cents for a limited time!

  If you've ever wondered what it's like in a Swinger's club, here's your chance for a great, sexy read!

Here's what one reviewer said - "The situations and dialog are believable. It is the kind of read you don't want to put down and will appeal to either men or women"
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