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COL Reminder
A reminder app for your Android Phone
A reminder app for your Android Phone


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Just uploaded a new update.

Version 3.3.1 fixes a lot of reported problems.

* Notification Settings - Group/Bundle settings wrong status checked
* Shared Images are sometimes only saved as thumbnail
* The empty reminder list screen flashes short after open COL Reminder
* Recurring setting every x minutes counts wrong
* Rare crash on SmartTimes Edit screen after tap on edit
* Parking CountDown does not get removed
* Parking CountDown was 1 minute behind reminder
* Bundled notifications are sounding twice sometimes
* Enable Reminder does not work with Android 5 and lower
* Night Mode problem with customized fonts
* Hitting home key does not refresh after list after reopen

Please update:

Does anyone have a #Huawei with #Android #Oreo ?

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For all #xiaomi #miui user I have created a new FAQ to allow #COLReminder to work properly:

Please read this if you have problems on phones with MIUI (Xiaomi)!

And I have updated the second #xiaomi #miui article with better screenshots and a short video:

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Version 3.3 is here

More Infos about the new features are here:


Just release version 3.3 to the first 10% of users.
If no big problem is happen I will increase this to 100% until Sunday!

Update 04.11.:
We are now at 25%

Update 04.11. 17:20:
Release to 50%

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Seems version 3.3 of #COLReminder is ready for release :-)

Does anyone have a #Xiaomi smartphone and crashes in the Smart Times Edit screen?

I get 7 crashes from this beta group with this phone and I can't reproduce.
So please let me know how I can reproduce this.


3.3 BETA 9

- Fixed divider problem in main view
- Fixed a few reported bugs
- Fixed location bases problems

- Updated all languages
- Updated all externals libraries to latest version

- Wear app is now a separate download from Android Wear Watch (APK Size of phone is now a lot smaller)

3.3 BETA 8

A lot of fixes.

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3.3 BETA 7

- Complete rewrite of the location geofence feature. Uses now the newest location API from Google
- Complete rewrite of the inApp Purchase process. Uses now the newest Google inApp API from Google (should fix a few problems with purchases).

- Fixed some reported bugs
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