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At Thy Lotus Feet...
At Thy Lotus Feet...

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At the end of our days on this earth, after all our successes and failures, the measure of worth for our life will be how much we have loved.

We are trying to learn how to see God, or the Pure Essence, in everything and everybody and not the demon in them, even in the wicked. If you see the demon in others, the very same negative forces will swallow you up and you yourself will become demon in the end.

If you try to see demon in others the very same negative forces will swallow you up – Mata Amritanandamayi

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“Real happiness in life comes from the mental capacity to adapt to any situation.” — Amma

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Sree Lalithambike sarva shakte....
Sree Paadam njanitha kumbidunne...

“Let us take from Nature only what we really need, and try to give back to some extent.” — Amma

“When you fully understand the Supreme self, the mind won’t attach itself to anything external.” — Amma

“Pray: May all reach the shore of peace, spreading the sweet holy fragrance of Love and vibrations of unity and harmony.” — Amma
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