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Nishikata Film Review
A Journey Through Japanese Visual Culture
A Journey Through Japanese Visual Culture

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Gakken Stop Motion Animation (1958-1960)
Gakken Publishers are celebrating their 70 th anniversary this year.   Since the company’s establishment in 1947, Gakken has
become well known for its educational books and other educational materials.   In the run-up to their anniversary last year,
Gakken ...

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Experimental Film Playlist: Isamu Hirabayashi
Isamu Hirabayashi (平林勇, b. 1972), is one of Japan's top experimental filmmakers.  Upon graduation from Musashino Art University, he started out as a graphic designer for a advertising agency, but then went freelance as a director of commercials.  His non-co...

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Animation to Watch: Ryo Hirano
In recent years, Ryo Hirano has been an animation festival favourite with his surreal works Holiday (ホリデイ, 2011) and Paradise  (パラダイス, 2013).   Paradise can be found on the DVD  L'Animation Indépendante Japonaise, Volume 3 (FR/EN, 2015) from Les films du pa...

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Fukusuke (ふくすけ, 1957)
Fukusuke ( ふくすけ , 1957)
was the first Ryūichi Yokoyama animation
shot on 35mm, and also the first film he made for Otogi Pro ’s distribution deal with Toho.  At the time his studio was in a small
building in his garden and he had a very minimal staff.  Suzu...

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A Black Cat (黒い猫, 2015)
teaching for many years, the Kansai artist Mika
Seike returned to her career as an independent animator in 2014 when she
began the Geidai (Tokyo University of the Arts) graduate programme.  Her early works always impressed with the
innovative ways she...

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GAKI Biwa hōshi (GAKI琵琶法師, 2005)
In feudal
Japan, biwa hōshi , “lute masters” or
“lute priests”, were travelling performers who earned their living performing vocal literature with the accompaniment of biwa music.  The biwa is a Japanese short-necked, fretted lute traditionally used in

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Annecy 2016: P'tits Déj du court / Shorts & Breakfast - Ryo ORIKASA
“ Yoshiro
Ishihara (1915-1977) was a poet of silence. He said that a poem is an impulse
to resist writing. This is an attempt to seek out a landscape from his poems. ” –
summary of Datum Point Ryo Orikasa ’s latest short film Datum Point (水準原点 / Suijungente...

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Who’s there? (だぁれぇ/ Dārē, 2016)
Who’s there?   ( だぁれぇ / Dārē, 2016) by Kōjirō Inoue ( 井上幸次郎 )
was the opening film of Hiromitsu Murakami ’s selection of Tokyo
University of the Arts ’ (Geidai) recent
works at this year’s Nippon
Connection .  It was one of the best
films on the programme a...
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