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Users adore it, critics love it, and yet Windows Phone just can't catch a break. Is that about to change? 
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Key word is the respect! All like respect, I think this quastion need to direct to Windows it seems they know respect's prices very near, isn't it? Remind youself recent courts.
People have tried it, they don't like it.  All Microsoft has to do is put it's name on something and generally it sells.  

I've talked to people at stores who say it wouldn't matter how much they got for selling a Windows Phone, people pick them up and just don't get it, there's nothing you could do to get them to buy one.

Microsoft was right in it's original marketing that it's a phone for people who don't like smart phones, and that's the problem...  Sadly that's soon going to be the slogan for their PC's too.  

(BTW, I'm not a Microsoft hater, I tend to dislike them, but I readily admit they have done good stuff, like Win 7, and I continually choose to buy Office even though I don't have to.)
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