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I felt like Microsoft introduced this thing a little on the early side and journos at the event didn't get to play around with them. So if they are not ready for hands on time, why not wait until the fall? Is Microsoft so desperate for attention it needs to have a "me too" announcement between WWDC and Google I/O?
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MS still does not get it. Users use IOS and Android mobile devices because they are not Windows. So until MS get its head out of the Windows shell, they won't turn the mobile game around.
Do they though? Maybe tech-minded people like you and me think that way? But don't most people gravitate towards the iPad because it's easy-to-use, great hardware, and offers loads of apps? I'm not sure most people even factor Windows into the equation.
I think we are saying the same thing here...:) What I really see here is the consumers now equate "Windows" with "uncool". OS and technical spec has nothing to do with how user choose device anymore and that is a good step forward. Just like we can choose cars base on how "cool" they are more than anti lock brake or fuel injection since these spec are no big deal.
So MS must do something to get the "cool" factor back and sending some guys out on the stage in jeans and sweaters holding a tablet is not the way to do it!!!  
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