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Polling to find interest in a UHC Minecraft Event tonite.

The Teamspeak Server has migrated to a new host. Please update your bookmarks:

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A new land has been discovered!

Please come visit the new world, Zothique! This snapshot world will become our new permanent home with the upcoming release of 1.8. It is online now at Once 1.8 is officially released, it will move over to the default name and port number

We will be bringing over all structures as requested by thier creators from Ouroboros and Alpha Centuari. You will then need to post the details of your move request to the forums at If you are not registered, you will need to do so to post. Hist: the security question answer is Blueberries (or Bananas if registering with a Portugese language pack).

To prepare for the import, please drop all you important items into regular chests in you buildings. Please do not keep them in you Ender Chest or personal inventory if you would like them to be carried over. This is because the nature of how the imports must be done.

Alpha Centari IV is online at
Ouroboros is online at
Zothique is online at

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Dynmap hasn't updated and reports as to how well it runs on the old 1.6.4 version is wildly varied.  We won't be enabling it until it is no longer prone to causing random crashes from memory leaks.

From the Bukkit Forums:

I don't think the memory leak problem is new. I have had a memory   leak issue since 1.6.2 so I have had to disable dynmap in order to just keep my server running.

This occurs in spigot and bukkit with vlowres settings. CPU is fine, but RAM slowly increases until a crash occurs. This happens even without other plugins installed and without players on the server.

Disabling dynmap removes the problem and the server runs indefinitely and normally.

Is there any chance this will get fixed soon?


My server was crashing every hour or so until I removed dynmap.

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Newly-revised War Zone Rules!

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Weekly News! -- New shops, builds, and information about the upcoming 1.3 update.

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Ravenkraft News - Upcoming Update, Faction Chat, Admin on Vacation

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The War Zone Event Winner :: The Archean Army :: details in link
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