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Holy crap! Minecraft OST for only 2.99! Only for a short time! GO GET IT
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Is this a new version? I'd love to buy it again and all... :D
That's a good deal, too bad I already bought it.
my connection to bandcamp is ~10KB/s so it means I must waiting about 3.5 hours to download volume alpha :(
Bandcamp is hosting made as cheap as possible with the biggest share you can get anywhere as an artist. This comes at a price however, meaning you can't download albums indefinitely. But! You can after you bought it download every format you want! So, please hold it for safekeeping. There are ways to give you another download, but it's sorta complicated.

Also, sorry for the slow download. I was asking Bandcamp why theres occasional hickups with the download speed, but it seems to be rare and not easy to figure out.
Probably no chance to download now (4.5kB/s -> 12h :D)... C, tell me please how long my download link will be alive?
I bought this when it first came out too. Its a great album!
Actually no idea how long the download link is alive. But if you are unable to completely download the album, you can always contact the Bandcamp support, they should be glad to help you I think! And if that doesn't work, theres always me.
As long as you show the good will to pay me, I'm certainly very happy! It means another day I can live an independent musician life!
I wanna know how to make music just like C418! I'll call myself... C419.
You're charging too little, man! That music's awesome enough to cost a fortune.
Droopy Likes Your Face might be the greatest beat i have ever heard. and i thank you for that.
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