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Winged nocturnal mammal. Will use the word hooha in casual conversation.
Winged nocturnal mammal. Will use the word hooha in casual conversation.

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Oh very nice, +Google Maps! You can check out the Doctor Who Easter egg here:

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Even if you can't nip over to the Windmill and try one of their pies (since they're in London, that probably limits most of us), you can always watch their videos on pie making.

Meanwhile I'm in love with that painting of the pie on legs.

Here's a YouTube link to the pie making, etc. videos:

(Only downside to the videos - the editor has an itchy hand for the volume levels on the music and feels the need to bump the music up and down around conversation. Which is a tad annoying, depending on the music used. It's always more of a problem if you must use music with lyrics - the audience either becomes impatient with the music interrupting the talk or the talk interrupting the music. I do like that they're spotlighting artists that have played the pub - but I'd like to hear more of the song at the end of the video, and just have more B roll shots to look at while listening.)

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Thanks to the AV Club (link below) I've discovered that wikipedia has a list of The Worst Films:

I've not seen most of them - well, all the MST3K related ones I have - but I've heard of all of them. Most of them are infamous - Howard the Duck for instance.

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Flickr Fun

So everything at Flickr still looks awful, but users are slowly finding workarounds. For instance, if you want to see my photos as a big block of photos without text, here's the new look:

But! To see the old look of smaller image with text underneath just add /?details=1 to the end of that url:

People are already building Chrome addons to attempt and make things better looking, at least via that particular browser. It's still incredibly pathetic that users are having to fix the site instead of the developers giving the users choices.

Oh and the only way to find out about this stuff? Sift through all the help forums.

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Not thrilled about this. But GoodReads already pesters to have me log in via Facebook - which is SO not going to happen - and I don't. So hopefully I won't have to link my Goodreads and my Amazon accounts. I like to be in control of what cross pollinates online, and Amazon already has a huge chunk of my data. I don't think it needs more, and since it already can't seem to send me emails when things on my wish list are on sale (you'd think that'd be a no brainer) I don't see why hooking up another site would help me the consumer.

Now as far as data-gathering for sales and consumer research - oh yes, then someone benefits. But that's not necessarily me.

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I enjoy Scalzi's posts when he takes on the industry, etc. And this is a particularly good rundown of what sounds like a really bad contract. However it also shows why I do actually read the comments, specifically when Scalzi answers people. Such as:
Scalzi sets up his own example of breaking into the market, but importantly retaining his rights to the work. My favorite part:

"Beyond that: Hey, if you really want to continue believing this terrible awful horrible contract is better than nothing despite me (someone who has actual substantial experience in the market) telling you three times that it’s really not, then fine. There’s only so many times I’m going to tell someone determined to put their head in a bear trap that they shouldn’t. After a certain point, it becomes clear that they’ve got a thing for the bear trap."

I think we should all add the phrase "loving the beartrap" to our everyday conversations.

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Here's a nice heads up as to what the next film-version-multi-sequel successor to the Twilight-hooha might be. Note that all of these films already have trailers, so yes, we will be seeing things (some probably REALLY briefly) at the box office.

Also massive Harry Potter riffs in several of them.

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OK this one I think I could actually see. I think it's finally gotten down to the MST3K depths of bad yet hilarious such that I could enjoy this. At home of course. Prices at the theater are way too ridiculous.

Oh and the video here explains the book ending versus the movie ending so yes, huge spoilers. Love this quote from it: "This is the first time I've seen a bad movie imagine a better version of itself."

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I do think about this sort of thing when I'm in a game, killing monsters...

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This will make absolutely no sense if you have't seen/don't remember Big Trouble in Little China - but for those of us BTiLC junkies - wow. I'd have been seriously pleased to be wandering through Chinatown when they were shooting some of the dance because, too funny. (Now must dig up our dvd for a rewatch.)
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