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English #surrogate retires after 10 births! ASRM just lowered the birth limit for #surrogates to 5. Do you agree?

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Celebrity #surrogacy news: Giuliana & Bill Rancic's baby is born!

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We'd like to send a big #thanks to all of the wonderful & generous women who have applied to become a #surrogate with us!

"A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer."-Lucius Seneca Thanks to our wonderful #surrogates

What is the biggest thing holding you back from becoming a #surrogate? What would help you overcome it?

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#Surrogacy is in the spotlight again in NBC's series The New Normal premiering 9/11. We can't wait! Will you be watching?

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More and more IPs are asking their #surrogates to go organic. Would you go organic for your #surrogacy? Why or why not?

A big #thanks to all of the women who've applied to be a #surrogate with us! We really admire your strength to make a successful #surrogacy.
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