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Happy Birthday Marshall
Marshall is 6 years old today! He was thrilled to find a Snoopy cake. This year, he is very much into Power Rangers. And A Look Back... 5 years old 4 years old 3 years old 2 years old 1 year old March 15, 2010

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I've been thinking a lot lately about how quickly things are changing at this stage of my life. In the past 12 1/2 years, I have gotten married, had 3 children, started a new job, and lived in 4 different houses in 3 different cities. It's kind of crazy! Th...

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It's been awhile...
As I sit here, listening to my oldest and youngest play outside in the snow, and waiting patiently for my middle to finally complete his school work, I decided I should catch up a bit on my blog. Since I last posted, life has been busy. I have been struggli...

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Catching Up
It would seem that I would have much more time to blog now that my boys are getting older. Unfortunately, since they are older, they often want to use the computer too. Either that, or I am busy with homeschool, errands, or taking a hot bath :). Here are a ...

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Big Fall Family Vacation
Just yesterday, we returned from our family's longest vacation yet! We had extra timeshare points this year, so we headed out on a big adventure. We left home on September 26th and returned on October 11, for a total of 15 nights and 16 days. We started by ...

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School Started (a month a half ago)
Well, I just realized that I never shared our first day of school pictures, so I will make a quick post to share them. We started school on Monday, August 31 this year, because we knew we were going to be gone for 2 weeks on our family vacation and we didn'...

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Operation Right Front Tooth Continued
The story of Brady's right front tooth continues... Yesterday, the tooth was finally down far enough to get it's own bracket! This morning, it was amazingly almost completely in already. Here are some of the progress pictures so far. 10/14 5/15 6/15   8/15 ...

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End of Summer
Besides going to the MN State Fair for the first time with the kids tomorrow, we have pretty much wrapped summer up :(. It won't feeling like summer is over next week, since the temps are going to be high, but we'll be officially starting school again on Mo...

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Summer Part 2
Wow, we're already almost halfway through the month of August. We have done so many fun things this summer and we've enjoyed so many beautiful days. But, no matter how much we take our time to enjoy the summer, it always seems to get away too quickly. I nev...

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Well, it looks like another month has passed since I last blogged. Crazy how fast that happens. I have tons of fun pictures from the past month, since we've been so busy enjoying every moment of our summer break. For today, though, I am going to share about...
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