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Bannana Bread
Concluding this section of my blogs, I’ve
decided to continue blogging on my travels. But for now, the assessed part of
my blog is finished. (Hooray) I’d like to go back to my questions asked in my
first blog and hopefully I shall have some answers for you ...

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Eating the American South
Studying abroad at the University of North
Carolina, I was fully prepared to gain the “freshman 15”, the obligatory 15lbs
you would undoubtedly gain from gorging at the dining hall on biscuits, yams,
fried chicken (fried anything!) and macaroni cheese.   Af...

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Taco USA
My travels through
Mexico last year were by far some of the most eye opening of experiences i've
had in my short twenty-one years on earth. After hearing horror stories from my
American classmates, of drug cartels, beheadings, gang warfare and abductions so...

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“New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.” - Mark Twain
In June 2013, I visited New Orleans, Louisiana, whilst travelling around the US and Central America. It was my first stop back in Northern America, after spending 2 months in Mexico and Guatemala. The fact that there were running toilets and I wasn't dubiou...

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Welcome to Sarajevo!
Last week I traveled to Sarajevo, Bosnia to visit a friend of mine. My timing couldn't have been better as I arrived as the carnage of the preceding week from the riots in the streets had died down. Sarajevo has been crowded with protesters marching out of ...

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Reggae Roast
‘Home’ is as good of a place to start as any. As a girl of
mixed heritage, with a Caribbean father and an English mother, brought up in
North London, an area with a strong Indian community, my house was always
filled with the aromas of foreign cuisine. My e...

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Backpacks and Bannana Bread.
I've  managed to combine two of my most enriching hobbies into one blog; travelling
and food (well eating).  I've  always regarded myself as a foody but as  I've   travelled  farther afield, my taste buds have been catapulted into the complete unknown and w...
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