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People talk about green monster, david ortiz, ted williams, dustin pedroia and new england patriots
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Scott Zeno Wenkale's profile photo
Scott Zeno Wenkale
reviewed 5 months ago
Having cheered on the Boston Red Sox most of my life (even if my father's a Chicago White Sox fan and my grandfather and Mother are Yankees [YUCK!] fans) I can relate to the incredible feeling of being one of us. Scrolling through the incredible posts on this review list I have to say that I am proud to be a Red Sox fan. (To those who came on here and ranted about how you beat your teams, It's baseball. Don't through a fit like a two year old, GET OVER IT. It's part of the game. You lose - your teams out. You have a chance next year. Move. ON.) I myself am only a teenager, and yet I get a certain thrill in knowing the simplistic fact that I am part of a friendly (did i mention awesome?) bunch of fans that support a relatable bunch of players with a good city of Boston. GO SOX!!!
• • •
Gianna Nicole's profile photo
Gianna Nicole
reviewed 7 months ago
My parents are Red Sox fans ( we are from New York) and had been telling me I had to go to Fenway for years....we finally went on August 1st. Up until this point, I was a mild Mets fan....didn't really follow the team as a hard-core fan but knew the basics of what was going on and enjoyed catching the games with my boyfriend, who bleeds blue and orange, when it fit my schedule. As soon as we got to Boston (we stayed at the Buckminister) and took a walk down to the area around Fenway, I was feeling energized and knew I was in for a great night. Boston fans are passionate and fun to be around because of the love they have for their team. It's like the ultimate bonding experience and everyone is excited to be there. When we walked into Fenway, I was all but hooked; the park is beautiful and someone said before me, there is not a bad seat in the house. It's not at commercial, like Yankee stadium. You sit in your seat and you can literally feel the history around you, it's a very cool experience. For you Red Sox fans reading this, you will remember that August 1st was the game where the Sox scored 6 runs in the ninth inning to win the game. By the ninth inning, I was literally SCREAMING my head off, jumping up and down, sweating with excitement and high-fiving everyone around me as the Sox made their comeback. It was like I had been a fan for life. I was originally planning to stay for just the night and catch one game...I booked my hotel for another night and stood on line for four hours to buy tickets to the next night's game. I just COULDN'T leave. I am officially a RedSox fan for life. Everything just fit into place...the tenacity of the team, the park, the bars/resturants around the park, the amazing fans, the tremendous work the players/team does for the community...All around, an amazing team to be associated with! If you haven't gone to Fenway, GO. You will be a fan for life!!!! <3
• • •
Peter Wulff
reviewed a year ago
After 25 Years still full of emotions. This a german speaking. Really Good!
Shane Nilon's profile photo
Shane Nilon
reviewed 3 months ago
Great time there for my first pro game. Love the historic feel! All in all, just a great, easy going vibe.
Nuff Said
reviewed 9 months ago
Would of checked off Awesome if the review had it as an option. This is my backyard, my neighborhood and My Team. One Team. Only ONE TEAM. I watch the Patriots, Root for the Bruins and love and respect the Celtics. But as a child watching arguably one of the best sports moments of all time. Top 3 easy. When Fisk WILLED the ball to stay fair as he skipped towards first base with his arms waiving and help force a seventh game and Yazs's knees buckle when F****N Dent ripped my heart out And of course the August collapses all the rest of the collapses and near Miracles that did not come to fruition I could only die happy if and only if it was historic and had to somehow include the F* * * * N Yankees. Some how Some way and then 2004 came after bleeping F-N Boone in 2003 Ripped my Mother loving balls off and My Team made history!!!!! All the lock out Bullshit and the steroid crap killed me. I never left My teams side. NEVER.NEVER.NEVER. People can argue that Boston is the Pat's town. argue it's the Bruins Town and even make the Best Argument for Boston being the Celtics Town BUT All Said, All done, This is RedSox Country. Good or bad. Right or wrong. It is what it is and always has been..... A REDSOX TOWN . I, like tens if not hundreds of thousands were born with MY team as their Inheritance, Our decision made for us and so many of ours and yours and mine left this Cathedral with out ever seeing a World Series Championship Flag fly so mighty high in the bluest of blue skies. We went to the cemeteries and told our loved ones we did It !!! Better than any of us could have imagined, through the Yankees and swept the Cards, The bloody sock, the stunned fans at the old Yankee Stadium. My team. My passion. My dream. I will depart as a happy man with a big grin on my face. MY TEAM did it.!!!!! And They did it the only possible way that would satisfy so many here and gone. They remain the only. THE ONLY TEAM TO WIN BACK TO BACK WORLD SERIES APPEARANCES AND LOSE NOT ONE GAME. The Cardinals and The Rockies. Each 4-0. I couldn't have scripted it better. ( well possibly with one exception : If Buckner wasn't playing on 2 hobbled legs in 1986 ) But really, It was better the way it happened, how it happened and everything that came before it for 86 pure passionate seasons and then the one miracle with the perfect ending for the perfect team and against the perfect rival. Perfect. just Perfect. When you visit remember one thing no matter what else. There is only One Team, ONE. MY TEAM. THE TEAM. THEE " BOSTON REDSOX " . You are visiting Sacred ground. Enjoy your time. Enjoy the History, The Pride. The Fans. This is the oldest and best ballpark in the game. . A real gem. A must see. Enjoy. Best City and Baseball town hands down. "You will need to know this phrase to fit in with the rest of the visitors:" " F*CK THE Yankees"
• • •
hector fernando's profile photo
hector fernando
reviewed 5 months ago