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Julie D. Ramsay
Educator, Author, NBCT
Educator, Author, NBCT

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Are Master Teachers Also Master Storytellers?
I love stories. Reading them, listening to them, watching them. Through stories, we can live many lifetimes. Travel to exotic places. Have amazing, death-defying adventures. Save the world. Experience life from a different perspective. As humans, we enjoy c...

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Data: Hero or Villian?
If you're in education long enough, you will see trends come and go. Terminology changes. Instructional focus swings back and forth on a pendulum. As educators, it is very easy to get caught up in the pressure of jumping on the newest bandwagon. However, we...

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Using Tech to Meet Learning Challenges: Dyslexia
We all have students who present specific learning challenges. As teachers, we look for ways to remove the challenges impeding their learning...or at least find strategies that we can teach them to become successful on the learning continuum. In the last se...

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Managing the Mess of a Makerspace
In previous posts,  Let's Make a Mess and Makerspaces in a Content Area Classroom , I outlined how we transformed our 6th grade ELA classroom into a makerspace. One thing that Caylyn Harden (my intern at the time) and I discussed early in the planning stage...

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So You've Had a Bad Day
We've all had them...seriously. Those days that never seem to end. Nothing seems to go right. Your to-do list continues to grow. All around you, you see others whose lives seem picture-perfect both in the classroom and personally. Yet, you are struggling to...

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Makerspaces in a Content Area Classroom
In my last post, Let's Make a Mess , I shared how we began the process of turning our 6th grade ELA classroom into a  makerspace that we dubbed the Makery.  As an ELA teacher, my administrators expect to see ELA instruction and learning taking place every m...

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Growing Great Teachers
Many of us are fortunate to get to host preservice teachers in our classrooms. In the last couple of years, many of them expressed to me a fear of entering the classroom because they know that the statistics show that many of them will not last for 5 years....

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Let's Make a Mess
Learning is messy. Very least when it's done right. As classroom teachers we are faced with the immense challenge of diagnosing each of our students: What are their strengths? What are their goals?  Where to they need to grow? How can I help the...

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Imagine the Possibilities
For many of us, the summer is drawing to a close and we are at the brink of a brand new school year. Although, I will miss some of the freedom and relaxation that a summer offers, I am always excited about all the possibilities that a new year presents. As ...

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Students Learning the True Value of Literacy
As educators, we know learners sometimes fail to see the connection between their work inside classroom walls and their lives beyond classroom walls. A question that often arises in many of our students’ heads is, why do we need to learn this? As their teac...
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