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John Valente
Artist and Art is visual music that I listen to with my eyes.
Artist and Art is visual music that I listen to with my eyes.

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Eugène Galien-Laloue: The Urban Impressionist
La Place du Châtelet, ca. 1941 Born in Paris on December 11, 1854, Eugène Galien-Laloue was a French landscape and urban street painter. He worked under many aliases but is known mainly as Eugène Galien-Laloue. He painted mainly in gouache, taking advantage...

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Why the Renaissance and its Art Were More Controversial Than We Think
Madonna della Misericordia by Fra Bartolomeo, 1515 In this article, Bob Duggan discusses how Renaissance Art redefined culture by overturning dogma and challenging religious notions, sometimes vain but always intriguing. Based on the book The Controversy of...

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Pittoni's Venetian Flair
The Rest on the Flight into Egypt, ca.1726 Born June 6, 1687 in Venice, Giovanni Battista Pittoni was a late Baroque/early Rococo painter. Pittoni enjoyed a popular career throughout Europe both as an artist and restorer, and at the age of 71 he became the ...

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The Sensuality of Corrado Giaquinto
Allegory of Peace and Justice, 1754 Born on February 8, 1703 on the eastern coast of Italy, Corrado Giaquinto was a Rococo painter. His early training was under Neapolitan Master Francesco Solimena , then Giaquinto worked mainly in Rome, under another Neapo...

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The Greatness of Erasmus
The Birth of the Virgin, ca.1660 Born on November 19, 1607 in Antwerp, Erasmus Quellinus II was a Flemish painter and engraver who worked under Peter Paul Rubens . Erasmus came from a family of artists that profoundly influenced Flemish Baroque in the 1600'...

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Tarbell, The Quiet Master
A Girl Crocheting, 1904 Edmund Charles Tarbell was born on April 26, 1862 in northern Massachusetts. Tarbell studied in Boston and trained in Paris under Jules Joseph Lefebvre where he learned the Academic rigors of Classicism in the late 1800's, and while ...

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William Merritt Chase
I don't believe in making pencil sketches and then painting landscape in your studio. You must be right under the sky. William Merritt Chase The Nursery, 1890 William Merritt Chase was born on November 1, 1849 in Williamsburg (now Nineveh), Indiana. Chase ...

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American Monet
I follow the light, where it comes from, where it goes Frank Weston Benson Lily Pond,1923 Born on March 24, 1862 Frank Weston Benson was an American Impressionist painter from Salem, Massachusetts and a founding member of the Ten American Painters which inc...

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The American Impressionist
Boston Common at Twilight, 1886 Born on October 17, 1859 in Boston, Massachusetts, Frederick Childe Hassam was an American Impressionist painter and member of the Ten American Painters . At a period in time when America was redefining itself decades after t...
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