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Chris Foley
Pianist, Teacher, Royal Conservatory faculty, member of Tapestry New Opera Studio Company, and author of the Collaborative Piano Blog.
Pianist, Teacher, Royal Conservatory faculty, member of Tapestry New Opera Studio Company, and author of the Collaborative Piano Blog.

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Valerie Capers Solo on 1981 Dizzy Gillespie/Ray Brown Birks Works
Although this is a Dizzy Gillespie/Ray Brown fronted lineup, the Valerie Capers piano solo is one of the highlights on this 1981 Birks' Works. Go to 3:50 to skip right to the piano solo:

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Farewell Talisker Players
Some sad news from Toronto -  Musical Toronto reports that Talisker Players will be ceasing operations at the end of the concert season. For 17 seasons, Talisker Players has been a leading proponent of vocal chamber music, and has commissioned 30 works sinc...

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Should You Be Dressing Down?
In many of the schools of music that I've visited in the last while, there's a lot of dressing down going on. Has anyone else noticed this? Tyler Cowan (of the highly influential Marginal Revolution ) writes in Business Insider about the practice of marking...

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John Adams' Chamber Symphony
Inspired by both Arnold Schönberg and the chaos of kids running around at a birthday party, the John Adams Chamber Symphony is a tremendously fun piece to listen to and play. Here's Grup Mixtour at the Palau de la Música de Valencia in September 2014: The d...

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The Origin of the Term "Collaborative Pianist" Might Not Be What You Think It Is
Some recently unearthed information casts some doubt on the commonly held assertion that Samuel Sanders coined the term "collaborative pianist". Here's a comment from Aine Mulvey, who has unearthed scholarly work of Hamilton Harty, who used the term "collab...

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The Casement Fund Song Series Presents Mortality Mansions
If you're in the NYC area on March 30, consider checking out Herschel Garfein's new song cycle Mortality Mansions, with texts by former United States poet laureate Donald Hall. Performers are pianist Dmitri Dover and tenor Michael Slattery. The program star...

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Philip Chiu Plays Ginastera....on a Mountain in BC
On top of a mountain in Revelstoke, BC, here's Philip Chiu playing the last movement of the Ginastera Piano Sonata Op. 1: This video is part of the Noncerto classical music channel , and if you're interested in seeing more site-specific performances (such a...

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New from Faber Piano Adventures
Those of you who teach Faber Piano Adventures might find some of these new publications and links useful: You can find the Faber Piano Adventures complete catalog and desk reference here on PDF . Remember that with PDF files, you can search the entire docum...

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Listening with Scores on YouTube
This  is the way you do track listings on YouTube Nothing focuses the mind when listening to music like following along in the score. It allows you to make connections, connect listening and hearing, as well as stopping the mind from wandering. Back in the ...

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Debussy's Les collines d'Anacapri: 2 Performances + 1 Master Class
I'm not sure I agree with Lang Lang's interpretation of Debussy's Les collines d'Anacapri, nor do I agree with his extensive use of hand signals gestures: Much more enjoyable is Krystian Zimmerman's recording: Richard Goode working with Sung-Soo Cho at Carn...
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