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A cynical optimist
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We found a house big enough for 4 kids and 2 adults. Moving 6 people....fucking sucks. Oh people,  you would shake your heads at me, I have remained far calmer than you know me to be. Just laugh, that really is all you can do at this point.

The teen's made me breakfast and cleaned my car today. Grilling burgers and watching a movie tonight. Hope you enjoy your day however you spend it Jaiku family. Hug someone, even if they aren't family. They may become family by osmosis. 

I went from guardian to mom today with one of the teens today. I had to share that with you guys.

Combining households can be weird. The children, even though they are teens, hadn't had an Easter basket since they were little. We did an egg hunt in the back yard also. And I didn't get one picture of any of it. Darn it. Holidays, hug your people. Time goes by so fast. 

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The ex and I (from last summer) worked out our issues. We moved in together. I'm managing 4 kids in a house. Buy stock in Wellbutrin people, the ride is just beginning.

It's that time of year where people buy/receive tech gifts and don't know how to work them. 1. hand them to us, you know how to work it. 2. "you mean turn it on?" 3. get the deer in headlight look as you try to explain in simple terms how to use device. 4. expect phone call in 3 days wondering how to make it work, find the email you set up for them, explain it all over.

Buy a sweater people. An ugly ugly sweater that needs no instructions to be worn. Or alcohol to drown yourself in.

Tis the season!

Elf on the shelf is creepy. It is creepy to think about someone coming into your home and moving a doll around without anyone hearing them. Yep, judging the shit out of anyone who does this. 

New Google+ looks like Pinterest. Change, I don't know how to handle it.

The other adult has three children that doesn't live with us. We are planning a summer vacation with his three and my two. Hold me people. I may be a more a of a blubbering idiot than I already am after this is over.
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