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Sabine Pfeiffer
Web and (I)Tech loving sociologist, online since 1996. Professor for innovation in Munich.
Web and (I)Tech loving sociologist, online since 1996. Professor for innovation in Munich.


The WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT shows: The Danish people are the happiest, Germany just on 26th rank. You find some interesting figures about crisis shaken south European countries, too.

Learn more about Peak chicken in this interesting post:

The astonishing rise of domesticated chicken and their even more increasing fate to end up in or as processed food is something to think about twice, regarding possible damage below male belts:

Today, ICT economy needs as much electricity as it took to illuminate the entire planet in 1985:

Fairphone starts production - 5.000 sold and one of it is Mine :-)

Weird: Twitter lists some Microsoft or Sharepoint related accounts as "similar to you". Hey algorithm: I am so NOT into Microsoft products!

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Wer hat noch nicht: Die Petition gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung geht in die allerletzte Runde. Nur noch wenige Stunden und es fehlen nicht mehr viele. Also: zeichnen!

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Well known but still just unbelievable: For a scientific article I wrote (which was made possible by public funding), I would have to pay a fee of $ 3.250 (!) to the publisher to make it accessible for all under the Creative Common License in iOpenAccess.
The public made my work possible in the first place, by funding the research project. The publisher of the scientific journal didn't pay me, my co-authors or the reviewers of the article, and now wants such an awful amount of money to give our work back to the public that made it possible. Of course the publisher has expenses for the online platform they provide, for recuiting reviewers, for their employees working on layout, for print etc. But still, could their revenues per article linger in such heights? Cannot imagine that…

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People, wake up already!

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