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The About tab in Google Classroom can be very handy! Here are 5 Ways to Use it, infographic style! #gafe   #googleclassroom   #googleedu  

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Use YouTube Poll Cards for Quick Formative Assessment

I came across a new gem in YouTube via a Google+ post by +Kyle Beatty. YouTube introduced a new type of Card called the Poll Card that you can attach to your videos that allow you to ask your audience questions and they can respond by selecting an answer. This might be a great option for teachers looking to gather quick formative feedback from students during a video lesson. Continue reading to learn more about this new feature!

h/t +Kyle Beatty 
#YouTubeEDU   #GoogleEDU  

Check out Ball Gown, Ivory, Sweetheart Wedding Dress @eBay

Know of someone needing a wedding dress?

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This weeks post is about Doctopus..

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Awesome!  Hope it is ready for Fall.
Classroom 101

School might be out for the summer, but Classroom is just getting started. Check out this walkthrough video for a preview of how it works for teachers and students.

More teaching. Less tech-ing.

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Complete series of 'Imagine if...' posters that I threw together on

Feel free to re-use.

Link to drive folder: 
Imagine If...
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Did you miss the Texas Summit this week? Have no fear, the session resources are here!

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I just ordered my 2014-2015 life planner from Erin Condren.  You can get $10 off of yours using this referral code:
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