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VirtualBox Use Physical Disk in a Virtual Machine
Here is a good resource!

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Asus UX32VD fan control under Linux
Using  this little tool called "nbfc"  I was finally able to, get my fan controlled on my Asus Zenbook UX32VD! Trying to control it via using standard utilities never really worked on this laptop, which can be quite annoying especially in public places wher...

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GTest not working on Ubuntu even though it is installed?
So, I was wondering why I cannot use GTest even though I installed it from Ubuntu repositories. The problem is described in this  blog post  and I am reposting the sollution (mostly as a note to myself): Note that this package only install source files. You...

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When "Manage and configure monitors and displays" control panel module doesn't work
... this might come in handy for configuring a multiple display setup: xrandr --auto --output VGA1 --mode 1600x900 --left-of LVDS It should be pretty straightforward, what this command does. VGA1 is in my case identifier of the monitor connected to the VGA ...
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