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We're saying 'Ho No No' to impulse buying puppies this Christmas, and need YOUR help to stop Harrods and other outlets selling dogs in store this festive season. 250 cards have been sent so far. We're aiming for 2,000 and we know you can do it!

Send a FREE card to let them know your thoughts without leaving Facebook (click Card Shop on the left of this page) or using this site:

(For a small fee, you can send a card to another vendor of your choice.)

To find out more see and please share this far and wide. Thank you all for your efforts so far.
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I still dont care!!! Id luv a pup for a gift ANYTIME
If I got my dog for Christmas[left] then I'd pass out
I agree. even though everyone would love a puppy for christmas, it is still extremely wrong!!!!!!!1
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